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Tacx Flux S/Flux 2/Neo 2 Freehub Body

Tacx Flux S, Flux 2, and NEO 2 Smart, direct-drive indoor trainers are shipped with Shimano/SRAM 11-speed freehub bodies and come with a spacer for 10-speed use. Which makes sense, currently the vast majority of road bikes in use feature these drivetrain choices. Yet Tacx has generally been great about offering options and with SRAM AXS 12-speed gaining market share, and Campagnolo 12 still spinning under the tifosi, you can be sure that the freehub body system is interchangeable, allowing you to purchase and swap out for what you require.

Please note that the NEO 2T has a different system so use our search box for those options. Installation requires only a 5mm Hex Allen key (providing there is no cassette installed. Please make sure you follow instructions and be wary of ensuring the pawls smoothly and completely enter the drive mechanism.


  • Replacement freehub body options for Tacx Flux S / Flux 2 / NEO 2 direct drive trainers
  • Detailed and machine for perfect compatibility with your cassette choice
  • Includes all fitting as needed per your drivetrain system
  • Options:
    • SRAM XDR 12s w/spacer for XD use (Tacx# T2805.81)
    • Campagnolo 12s (Tacx# T2805.51)
  • Simple installation/removal with 5mm Hex Allen key
  • Note: NOT compatible with NEO 2T