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Tacx Stand for Tablet

Elegantly executed, simple, and effective, the Tacx Tablet Stand is perfect for those whose indoor training space is small, or temporary. With such a small footprint, and designed to coordinate with the front wheel of your bike, the Tablet Stand gains extra stability from it's base plate, which rests under your front wheel block. The height is not adjustable, but the tablet viewing angle is, allowing for an effective viewing angle while riding. The tablet is close and stable enough for you to operate a touch screen. Yes, this is a specific use case, but it you train indoors and have tried general purpose stands, tables, etc., you know how challenging it can be to get a usable placement that allows for in-line viewing and interaction while training. This tablet stand solves those issues.

The tablet holder itself does pivot on it's axis, for the best viewing angle and can be tightened enough that pressure from use won't change the angle. The holder itself is sturdy and supportive of tablets up to 13mm thick, and adjustable for length and width dimensions. It can be adjusted to different tablet sizes: length from 182-267 mm, and width 112-197 mm. Conceptually the expectation is that you'll use the tablet in landscape view, but it can also be used in portrait view as well. Tacx has created a Tablet Stand that works with most tablet power or USB interfaces, and is user friendly, easy to store, and performs it's specific task very well.


  • Indoor training tablet stand that is well executed
  • Adjustable viewing angle and tablet holding system
  • Base of stand is designed to sit under front wheel block
  • Stable and supportive for interactive use while training on bike
  • Fits tablets: 182-267mm long, 112-197mm wide, 13mm thick