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The Garmin Tacx Deva bottle cage is a typically sleek and attractive design, that even in this polyamide reinforced with carbon and glass fiber construction, is very light and strong at 29 grams. Tacx has long made cages with racing cyclists in mind, and the bottle retention on the Deva is perhaps the best the company has ever offered. With an angled, relatively high insert placement, the bottle glides in with minimal effort, with bottle weight resting on the bottom tab, and with a firm tug, the bottle is lifted out cleanly to your preferred side.

The construction is done in two pieces, which are then permanently bonded together. The base piece is stiffer and carries the load of being bolted on, while supporting the more flexible, but resilient upper, which grasps bottles firmly. Even with the two-tone paint, the unit looks to be a one piece construction. The overall effect is a bottle cage with a distinct flair and legendary Tacx performance.

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  • Lightweight composite bottle cage with pronounced bottle retention
  • High, angled opening allows for easy entry
  • The higher grip point keeps bottle weight low in the cage
  • Excellent bottle retention with easy withdraw angle to either side
  • Single pair of standard mounting holes, reinforced to carry load.
  • Two piece bonded design: polyamide reinforced with carbon and glass fiber
  • Colors: Black on Black, White on Black, Black Matte, Silver/Grey
  • Weight: 29 grams
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