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Nutrition > Recovery Drink Mix


Tailwind Recovery Mix, a revolutionary solution designed to kickstart your post-exercise recovery in a delicious and hassle-free manner. Unlike any other recovery drink on the market, it centers around the concept of a "perfectly complete protein" combined with precisely balanced carbohydrates and essential electrolytes, ensuring a comprehensive and swift recovery process.

Say goodbye to the complexities of using blenders and sorting through various supplements. With Recovery Mix, you receive an all-inclusive package for your recovery needs, devoid of any unnecessary elements. The simplicity lies in its ease of use - just mix it with water, and you have a portable "recovery-on-the-go" option at your disposal, whether you're wrapping up a trail run or a rigorous gym session.

One of the most noteworthy features of Recovery Mix is its exceptional protein content, which outperforms other options on the market. Compared to whey protein isolate, it boasts three times more complete protein, and when measured against chocolate milk, it offers double the amount. This translates to a higher concentration of usable protein that goes directly to repairing the muscles in need, bypassing the kidneys.

Furthermore, the indulgent taste of Recovery Mix sets it apart from the norm. Embracing a dairy-free and vegan approach, this blend not only caters to dietary preferences but also provides a palatable experience. Unlike the typical chalky aftertaste that's all too familiar, Recovery Mix treats you to the satisfaction of a creamy milkshake-like flavor that truly redefines post-exercise nourishment.

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  • Features "perfectly complete protein" for optimal recovery
  • Optimal balance of carbohydrates and electrolytes
  • Streamlined usage - just mix with water
  • Efficient protein content surpasses alternatives
  • 3x more complete protein than whey isolate
  • 2x more than chocolate milk for muscle repair
  • Dairy-free, vegan formula with enjoyable taste
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