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Thule Lock Cylinders

Thule's One Key System was developed to simplify your key ring while securing your Thule products, and this 4 Pack of One-Key Lock Cylinders is ideal for your base rack or multiple bike or gear carriers. The removable, interchangeable lock cores are easy to use, and effectively secure your rack or carrier components. The cores are durable and resist corrosion, and are specific to Thule rack and bike systems. Though you can contact Thule for specific lock core control numbers to match an existing system, when buying new a new set-up, Thule offers multi-pack quantities of keyed-alike cores and keys to ensure you won't be fumbling for keys and reading tiny control numbers to find the right key.

Thule supplies the cores, installation key, and 2 coded locking keys. We suggest that you use a lubricant on the core element before installing. This is especially true in coastal areas where salt water/air can be a real issue, and the same goes for snowy areas where rock salt or chemical treatments are applied to roadways. The cores don't rust, but corrosive interaction is much more likely in these environments. Some people prefer a very light coat of high viscosity lubricant that won't build up (no PTFE, no wax). Just keep in mind that when left in the sun, too much lube can thin out and drip a little. Others prefer a dry graphite powder, which works well when uses sparingly to assist in core motions, but won't prevent corrosion. In general, you should frequently check your rack and/or carriers for free lock action and overall tightness and fit, and at least once a year you should disassemble, inspect, clean, and lube your moving pieces. Those of you in saltier environments should do this multiple times a year.

Grab this Thule 4 Pack One-Key Lock Cylinders and keep your Thule system secure and your favorite bike or equipment safe at all times, or hold onto extras and use the handy tin box to have spares moving forward.


  • Four pack of Thule-specific Lock Cylinders featuring One-Key system
  • This 4 Pack features keyed-alike cylinders using specific control#'s on key and core
  • Cores are made to resist corrosion, can be removed and serviced easily
  • Will work in any Thule product with One-Key core compatibility
  • Control key makes installing and removal simple
  • Includes: 4 coded cores, 2 coded locking keys, and Control key