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Travel & Storage Bike Travel Cases

The Thule Roundtrip MTB Bike Travel Case is an extremely well thought out and executed travel case for flat-bar bikes. It's design is secure, protective, collapsible, and has many design and individual storage features that will make packing your mountain bike as straightforward as possible. Padded interior packing panels are tailored to protect all parts of bike during transport while panels on the right side are reinforced with 5mm corrugated polypropylene for additional impact rating. The base is a molded HDPE bottom tube design that has rear wheels and a removeable front swivel wheel for easy pulling on hard, smooth surfaces. A modular workstand is integrated into the case, with three aluminum legs that store when not in use and and horizontal rigidity to the structure, while the tray that actually holds the bike and sits on top of the assembled stand doubles as the work platform, but also nests into the bottom tube with the bike attached and becomes part of the case. Your wheels are stored in labeled pockets- both are off the frame with this case. While there are many more details and steps, the attached video from Thule demonstrates the simplicity of the process, detailed storage features, how to load the bike, as well as how to collapse the case for more compact storage when not in use.

The overall construction and features like wheels, handles, and zippers are exceptionally well executed. The case has also been built to handle the rigors of airline baggage fun and regular handling so you can expect it to hold up long term. Please check the size and wheelbase information below to verify whether or not your bike will fit properly. One note about the challenges of any bike. You have to remove the bar assembly, stow it in a pouch, then align the storage pouch into position for protection. In other words, you need to have adequate or extra length with housing, cables, wires to maneuver the assembly into position. If you are going to travel regularly with your bike, you may want these to be kept a little longer than ideal, but easier to use with the case.

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  • Flat bar MTB bike case for safest and easiest way to travel with your mountain bike, with integrated modular work stand system for proper assembly and maintenance along the way
  • Safely transports almost all MTB bikes, fitting wheelbase up to 1300mm and tires up to 29 x 3.0"
  • Included work stand makes bike maintenance, assembly and disassembly easier while traveling or at home
  • Easily fasten the bike to the workstand inside the case for safe and secure transport
  • Padded interior packing panels are tailored to protect all parts of bike during transport
  • Rigid side panels are reinforced with 5mm corrugated polypropylene and a molded HDPE bottom tub provide superior protection
  • Folding sidewalls collapse and secure tightly for compact storage at travel destination or at home
  • Swiveling front wheel makes for effortless maneuvering through airports and can be stored conveniently inside case at baggage check to ensure stability of case when loading or in storage
  • Brake rotor pockets are located in the optimal packing position and protect rotors from bending stress while traveling
  • Drivetrain wrap protects rear derailleur, chain and bike frame from damage while traveling
  • Work stand fork mount fits all front axle sizes, including 15x110 boost, 15x100, 20x110, 12x100, 9mm quick release
  • Dimensions collapsed: 56.69" L x 14.96" W x 9.5" H
  • Dimensions in use: 56.69" L x 14.96" W x 35.04" H
  • Weight: 29.54 lb
  • Color Black
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