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Accessories Eyewear

Unleash the power of advanced optics and engineering with the Tifosi Rivet Eyewear, a true marvel of technical craftsmanship. Engineered to deliver unrivaled performance in demanding outdoor environments, these sunglasses combine cutting-edge materials and innovative features to elevate your visual experience to new heights.

The Rivet Eyewear features polycarbonate lenses with decentered technology, ensuring precise optical alignment for distortion-free vision across the entire field of view. With exceptional clarity and zero image distortion, you can confidently navigate any terrain or engage in high-speed activities with enhanced depth perception and pinpoint accuracy.

Equipped with Glare Guard™ technology, the lenses on the Rivet Eyewear eliminate annoying glare and reduce eye strain, allowing you to stay focused and perform at your best. Whether you're on the road, on the water, or on the slopes, these sunglasses provide superior visual comfort, even in the brightest sunlight.

The Grilamid TR-90 frame construction offers incredible durability and flexibility, making the Rivet Eyewear virtually indestructible. It can withstand the rigors of intense outdoor activities, ensuring your sunglasses remain intact no matter what challenges lie ahead.

Thanks to the adjustable ear and nose pieces made from hydrophilic rubber, the Rivet Eyewear offers a customizable and secure fit. The components become tackier when they come into contact with sweat, guaranteeing a non-slip grip during the most demanding workouts or adventures.

The Tifosi Rivet Eyewear is also compatible with the brand's interchangeable lens system, allowing you to adapt to changing light conditions effortlessly. Swap out lenses to optimize your vision for specific activities or environments, giving you unmatched versatility and adaptability.

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  • Polycarbonate lenses with decentered technology for distortion-free vision
  • Glare Guard™ technology eliminates glare and reduces eye strain
  • Grilamid TR-90 frame construction for exceptional durability
  • Adjustable hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pieces for a secure, non-slip fit
  • Compatible with interchangeable lenses for versatile adaptability
  • Superior visual comfort even in bright sunlight
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