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When success or disappointment, however you measure them, comes down to seconds, watts, or grams, every advantage matters. This is true of professional cyclists and triathletes, and even for age group or category graded athletes. What all these athletes have in common is what they invest- not only our money, but time, energy, heart and soul- into competition that matters to them. If you see yourself in that image and are looking for a new set of road cycling pedals, Time presents the Xpro 15. At 87.3 grams each, with a stout yet light carbon body, hollow titanium axle, and CeramicSpeed bearings, the Xpro 15 was made to perform, and allow you to be your very best on the bike.

Time has continually worked to improve their road pedal system over the decades, while carrying forward many of the features that cyclists were drawn to 20+ years ago. The Xpro 15 is the supreme advancement of the Xpresso platform with more power transmission surface, increased strength and durability, improved aerodynamics, and fine tuned the adjustable tension of the carbon blade engagement system. All this advancement at 174.6 grams for the pair, just a bit more than the ultra-lightweight Xpresso 15 model. The low stack height and float (lateral and angular) of the Bioposition system, the I-Clic cleat system, Ceramic Speed bearing configuration system, hollow titanium axle, and the molded UD carbon body are all features that continue with the new design.

The new carbon body design reinforces the forward section of the pedal and allows for a fairing plate underneath that improves clean airflow past the busy underside of the pedal. The construction also created the opportunity for Time to offer improved three position options for the carbon blade (which is effectively a spring), so you can customize the engagement/release tension. Time also revamped the I-Clic device in the pedal. It still pre-opens for fast and easier engagement, but now when it locks in when you press your heel down, the actual engagement delivers a more positive response you can feel. Apparently the previous version was a little too smooth. We never had much of an issue or heard this specific complaint with the Xpresso, but anything that increases rider confidence is a plus.

Creating more surface area for greater power transfer is a challenge with the beam-lke design, but Time has been able to exceed many pedal manufacturers with the 700 square mm surface area of the Xpresso. In the Xpro this is now 725mm2, an impressive gain that appears to be the largest cleat-pedal surface contact zone on the market today. Time has historically believed surface contact to be crucial to power transfer. Many pedal options started reducing this zone as shoes got stiffer with carbon soles, but Time reason's that keeping a larger contact area with a stiffer sole distributes more force directly into the pedal. That is hard to argue with.

Time's Bioposition system then brings the shoe closer to the pedal with the 13.5mm cleat stack height. Bioposition also delivers 2.5mm of lateral float and 5° of angular float, with the release point at 15° of outboard angular action. Time has always believed that freedom with both float systems allows the leg to track more naturally, especially with changing hip angles as you sit more upright, or drop down more aggressively. For many cyclists, this can eliminate the need for pedal washers, and because the action is subtle and smooth, you really don't feel it happening. Many sprinters have enjoyed this set-up, as it allows for more outward movement, which widens the stance and creates better balance in the forceful, violent action of an out of the saddle sprint.

The Xpresso 15 truly was a ground breaking pedal, but if it had a weakness it was durability and strength. Time realized that adding several grams per pedal in favor of a stiffer, stronger, more resilient body in the Xpro 15 was well worth the tradeoff. After all, there aren't more than a couple of road pedals that even come close in weight. Add the other benefits of the redesign, and the same friction reducing CeramicSpeed bearings, and you have an every day pedal that delivers performance and advantages pro cyclists used to save for race days. Look there is no denying it, these pedals are pricey. The hollow titanium axle and CeramicSpeed bearings don't come cheap. As stated above, the value of such a pedal system is judged by the buyer. When every investment you've made in equipment, clothing, training, diet, and travel is a measure of your commitment to the best results you can achieve, the Time Xpro 15 Pedals were developed and produced for you.

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  • Lightweight, ultimate pedal system with new carbon body and design for Time's world class-level road pedal with more improvements and best-feature carry over from the Xpresso 15
  • Body design increase strength forward of the axle, adds 25mm2 surface area
  • Full carbon body is molded and sculpted for strength, power transfer
  • Lightweight hollow titanium axle with incredible friction reducing CeramicSpeed ceramic bearings
  • Improved positioning of the 3-position options for carbon blade power
  • Lower plate acts as fairing to improve aerodynamics, protection for carbon blade
  • Strategically placed stainless steel plates prevent pedal body wear
  • I-Clic system has been redesigned to allow for more positive cleat engagement
  • Low 13.5mm stack height means more direct power transfer
  • Bioposition mechanics allows for 2.5mm of lateral float, 5° of angular float
  • Incredible 725 square mm surface area
  • Pedal is sealed, but serviceable (ceramic bearings require routine lubrication)
  • Includes: pair of 9/16 thread pedals and set I-Clic cleats
  • Color: Black/White
  • Weight: 87.3 grams/pedal
  • Made in France
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