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Road Patch Kits & Tire Repair

Tubolito Tubo Flix Kit

Tubolito bicycle inner tubes are made with a new high-tech thermoplastic elastomer (polyurethane/TPU). Combined with a unique manufacturing technology the German company is able to deliver inner tubes that are 2/3 lighter on average than butyl tubes, with great durability and puncture protection. However, if you do get a puncture standard patch kits and glue will not adhere to the Tubolito TPU material. You need patches of the same material and proper adhesive.

Enter the Tubolito Tubo Flix Kit, which contains 5 patches with the proper adhesive already applied. All you need to do is clean your orange tube with an alcohol wipe, let apply the patch for a quick, permanent solution.


  • Specially developed Flix-Kit to repair all Tubolito tube products
  • Adhesive tape solution is easy to use
  • Simple alcohol wipe prep for proper adhesion
  • Standard patch kits will not work on Tubolito's TPU material
  • Tubolito patches will not work on butyl or latex tubes
  • Each kit contains 5 Tubolito-specific patches