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The Vittoria Air-Liner Light operates discreetly, preserving the bike's agile and rapid maneuverability. It facilitates the gradual compression of the tire under varying loads, thereby enriching the riding experience, while simultaneously amplifying stability and traction. In scenarios involving tire punctures and subsequent air loss, the Air-Liner Light expands strategically, providing essential tire support for prompt navigation to technical areas or the finish line, minimizing time loss.

Moreover, the Air-Liner Light sets a new benchmark for guarding against tire punctures. Its exclusive foam composition empowers it with extraordinary shock absorption capabilities, effectively preventing tire punctures that could be triggered by forceful impacts with the rim walls, commonly known as "snake bites." Compatibility is extensive, spanning mountain bike tire sizes from 29”x2.1” to 29”x2.4”, encompassing rim channels ranging from 25mm to 30mm wide, and accommodating any liquid sealant variety.

For optimal results, the Air-Liner Light mandates usage in conjunction with tubeless tires and multiway tubeless valves exclusively. Each package of the Air-Liner Light comprises a singular insert and a Vittoria Green Multiway Tubeless valve, measuring 40mm in length, offering a comprehensive solution for enhancing your mountain biking adventures.

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  • Easy installation
  • Quality Vittoria construction
  • Provides protection against punctures without compromise in performance
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