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We put together this handy 2-pack for additional savings when you can use more than one. They include two Vittoria Corsa Control G2.0 tires in complete retail packaging. These packs come in available color and size options to suit your needs.

If you are looking for a competition grade clincher tire for your local "roubaix" style race, you can embrace the design and capabilities of the Corsa Control. Building off their success with the original Graphene rubber compound for bike tires, Vittoria has released the G2.0 2nd generation mixture. More models are available, with a greater set of specified options so you can ride the correct tire for your event and expected conditions. The Corsa Control G2.0 Tire has been optimized for traction, grip and control over rougher road surfaces, making it the tire of choice for riders who attack the variable conditions of many early spring and late fall races. Sizing has even been developed in 25, 28, and 30mm versions with this use in mind. Keep in mind, this is a race/event oriented tire. The performance is slanted towards grip, protection, and suppleness, all of which are enhanced in the Corsa Control. The tire able to conform and shape itself to the changing surfaces, ensuring rider control and forward momentum. Vittoria lays down a thicker tread rubber for protection and capability in hard conditions and colder temperatures

The suppleness of the Corsa G2.0 series tires comes from the Corespun-K 320tpi casing. Combined with the Funtionalized Graphene 2.0 compound, which is also both resilient and flexible, the tire is inherently more like a tubular than a clincher in feel and performance. Vittoria employs four specific compounds in the Corsa Control G2.0's tread, which are infused with Graphene to fill voids in the rubber molecules. From that combination the decreased rolling resistance afforded by Graphene is balanced by improved abrasion puncture protection. Again these features are crucial to the requirements of rough road use. With the Corsa Control G2.0 the improved grip for dry roads gets augmented by fine dual chevron patterns on each shoulder, enhancing wet grip as well as contact adherence in dry dusty conditions. If you consider the varying requirements of Paris-Roubaix or even Strade Bianche, you can see what this tire was developed for.

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  • Extremely supple, exceptional grip, protection in competition grade clincher road tire
  • Race grade tire, recommended for rough road surfaces; optimized for performance with moderate mileage expectations
  • Corespun-K 320tpi casing has set the standard for suppleness in clincher tires
  • Kevlar reinforced bead and casing breaker for extra security and puncture resistance
  • Tire choice of riders for races on cobble stones and pavé
  • Thicker tread for the best puncture protection in colder conditions
  • Functionalized Graphene 2.0: decreased rolling resistance, better abrasion protection
  • 4 compound tread (4C) rubber for increased wear life, better rolling, better side grip
  • Directional chevron textured pattern for grip and control on shoulders
  • Fast rolling lined tread in center
  • Size / Weight: 700x25 / 265g, 700x28 / 280g, 700x30 / 300g
  • Color: All Black, Para/Black
  • Sold as a 2-pack (simply select size/color from drop down menu)
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