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The Corsa Speed G2.0 TLR features the second generation Graphene rubber compound offered by Vittoria. Like the first gen option, the Corsa Speed G2.0 tire was developed for time trial and speed events; not as a every day training or racing option. With with the brain trust at Vittoria managing to combine a super fast and ultra light tire that features a tubeless ready casing and bead. The Corsa Speed G2.0 TLR tire can be run tubeless or set up in a traditional manner using a tube.

The Corsa Speed G2.0 TLR is unique to all other Corsa G series tires, in that it uses a proprietary 4c Graphene compound which is thinner and much lighter than the standard Corsa G compound. Wear times and durability are traded for ultra low rolling resistance and low mass with the weight reduction. The casing on which the tread rests is Vittoria's ultra-fine Corespun 320tpi system. This casing uses the finest threads available for the most supple and resilient casing ever. Normally reserved for track riding, it is used in the Corsa Speed G2.0 TLR to reduce the casing weight.

Vittoria is making some large claims as too how fast this tire really is. Stats ranging from 40% less rolling resistance to 32 second on a 50km TT all seam far fetched. What we can tell you from our experience is the tire is absolutely blazing fast. The super lightweight package with its thin Graphene tread makes for one of the top choices for a time trial tire.

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  • Race day performance for time trial and speed/race events
  • Tubeless ready casing (may be used with standard tube)
  • G2.0 offers more grip, better wear, lower rolling resistance than 1st gen
  • Independently tested as one of the lowest rolling resistance tires
  • Corespun 320 TLR casing is super supple, light for a TLR tire
  • Proprietary 2.0 version Graphene compound utilizes, thinner, more layers
  • Thin rubber tread has a wide, smooth center band, straight-lined shoulders
  • Pressure range: 87-130psi
  • Options: 700x23, 700x25
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 240 grams (700x25c)
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