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Buy more and save even bigger with these convenient tire 2-packs. Enjoy this massive price reduction on the most popular and reliable tubular tire ever produced. Normally $259.99 for 2 tires, we are now offering the Vittoria Corsa G2.0 tubular 2-packs for $89.00. Available in black or the classic para (tan) sidewall in both 23mm and 25mm, these tires are new and come in retail packaging, and carry full manufacturer's warranty.

The Corsa G2.0 tubular is built on the Corespun K 320tpi aramid-enhanced cotton casing with Kevlar that Vittoria has used for their previous generation tubular tires. The PRB 2.0 Corespun breaker is also carried over, matching perfectly with the suppleness of the perfect casing and latex inner tube for an incredible ride quality. The straight channel 4C rubber tread layer is actually quite thin, with the proven low rolling resistance and puncture protection, and excellent grip in all conditions. Rider feedback indicates that a few rides on dry pavement enhances wet grip, a not uncommon reality. The 700x23 tire weighs just 265 grams with the enhanced rolling speed and wet or dry grip.

Innovation, excellence, and attention to detail are the hallmarks of Vittoria's tire tradition. Cyclists choose the tires ultimately for varying combinations of speed, grip, ride quality, and protection. The Corsa G2.0 is the all-rounder, the tire that can be raced in any condition, when speed, handling, and grip are all required. Ride the tradition of excellence and technology with this graphene-infused high performance tubular tire from Vittoria.

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  • Race-quality all-around tubular with exceptionally low rolling resistance, sure grip
  • C4 rubber combines 4 distinct compounds, including G2.0 (graphene) Isotech
  • Graphene provides impressive strength, and adds considerable puncture protection
  • Corespun K 320, aramid-enhanced cotton Kevlar casing is incredibly supple
  • PRB 2.0 protection layer provides additional puncture protection
  • Thin rubber tread runs in channels with the roundness of the tire
  • Internal latex inner tube, cotton tape on gluing surface
  • Handmade
  • Pressure range: 115-175psi
  • Weight: 700x23: 265g, 700x25: 288g
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