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The feeling of a fresh race tire is transcendent. It makes tarmac feel like a plate of glass. Accelerations are nearly effortless. Road feedback is muted. Few tires can match the sensation of a Vittoria Corsa Pro TLR G2.0, which is why it’s ridden by six of pro cycling’s WorldTour teams. This latest tubeless tire from Italy has less rolling resistance, better puncture protection, and it is even a bit lighter.

Vittoria’s latest G2.0 rubber compound is optimized for traction while rolling 12% faster than the previous generation of Corsa TLR tires. The tread is a mix of four rubber compounds that are infused with Graphene to fill voids in the rubber molecules. Not only is this rubber compound faster, it also grips better in wet conditions and wears longer.

The Corsa Pro TLR G2.0 tires employ Corespun 320tpi casing for a supple road feel while warding off flats with a puncture belt beneath the tread and Bead Shield protection on the sidewalls. To match the trends in modern road cycling, the Corsa Pro TLR G2.0 is available in 24, 26, 28, 30, and 32mm width options. While the tires may have gotten wider, Vittoria continues to offer the timeless sensation of racing tires on the road, only now they’re a lot faster and more reliable.

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  • Pure racing tire with supple construction, low rolling resistance, and excellent cornering traction
  • Recommended for paved conditions, optimized for competition and performance
  • Functionalized Graphene 2.0: decreased rolling resistance, better abrasion protection
  • 4 compound tread (4C) rubber for increased wear life, better rolling, better side grip
  • 320 TPI Corespun Tubeless casing is among the most supple tubeless tires made
  • Puncture-resistant belt beneath tread
  • Bead Shield flat protection on sidewalls
  • The trusted race tire of WorldTour pro riders
  • Sizes/listed weights: 700x24/265g, 700x26/275g, 700x28/295g, 700x30/300g, 700x32mm/320g
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