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Road Tires - Tubular

Take advantage of special pricing on these great Vittoria tubular tires. Limited sizes, colors, and quantities available.

Vittoria was the first bike tire company to commit to graphene material technology in their bike tire rubber compounds. Graphene is a revolutionary material that comes in the form of a thin, almost transparent sheet of pure carbon. In its most extreme form, it is a single atom (1/1,000,000,000th of a meter) thick. Vittoria uses Graphene Directa Plus (known as G+), which is 2 to 8 atoms thick. Simply put, Vittoria uses the most premium form of Graphene (the purest) to unleash the greatest possible benefits. With this Corsa Speed G+ Tubular Road Tire the crucial results are a very low rolling resistance, light weight, and excellent grip when wet or dry from the rubber itself.

While G+ also adds inherent small puncture protection as well, it is only one key to the overall performance of the Corsa Speed G+ Tubular. Known for the best and most supple casings in cycling, Vittoria delivers this tire with their long proven 320 tpi Corespun fine thread design. It is light, strong, and offers ideal roundness and a wider gluing area than some tubulars, which allows it to sit cleanly adhered in some of the wider rims available today, while giving you a great riding tubular, even in the 23mm size.

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  • Handmade tubular tire for racing, maximizes straight-line speed with low rolling resistance
  • Despite the direct line tread pattern just off the center slick zone, the rubber has excellent wet and dry grip
  • Despite a large pressure range the optimal pressure for most riders will be around 130 psi
  • Perhaps the best and best known 320 tpi casing from Vittoria for racing, in the finest threads available
  • Low weight while increasing durability and both dry & wet weather grip
  • G+ IsoTech rubber compound has inherent puncture protection, very low rolling resistance
  • Casing: 320 tpi Corespun
  • Mastik One Rim Cement from Vittoria recommended
  • Valve length: 42mm (removable core)
  • Size/Pressure range: 700x23 / 115-200 psi (130 psi generally the most efficient pressure)
  • Color: Anthracite/Black, Para/Black (tan sidewall)
  • Weight: 209 grams (actual)

Please note: Excel Sports cannot accept returns on tubular tires that have been glued / installed.

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