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Road Tires - Clincher

The Vittoria Rubino Pro Control G2.0 Tire is the perfect tire for everyday cyclists who deal with wet conditions on a regular basis. With extra protection and both rubber and tread that offer grip and siping on wet pavement, the Pro Control G2.0 will surprise you with it's feel and durability, all of which contribute to it's name. This is one of the best selling tires from New England to DC, as well as Vancouver, BC to Portland Oregon, and mid-west cities like Chicago. Popular with training cyclists and commuters alike, it is hard to go wrong with this Graphene 2.0 enhanced tire

Graphene is a 2D carbon graphite that has incredible strength for such an ultra-thin material. It is the incredible strength to weight ratio and the impervious nature of such a thin material inspires the engineering world, and for cyclists that means you will be seeing graphene in more than just Vittoria's tires and wheels. In the Rubino G+ tires, Vittoria's 3C rubber compound, hugely enhanced by the addition of G+ Isotech, delivers impressive benefits to the cyclist. Everyday durability, protection, and ride quality have been greatly enhanced.

The super durable 60tpi casing is woven from fine nylon fibers, which keeps the casing as supple as possible, and Vittoria adds more G+ rubber to the enhance the overall structure and ensure better protection, especially at the sidewall. The trade rubber is called 3C, featuring G+ Isotech, and has been applied in a thicker layer than before to add wear resistance and again, enhances protection, as well as massively improving wet surface grip. Return to Top


  • Wet/Dry weather, high mileage, grip-centric road clincher tire
  • Delivers excellent all around riding characteristics, especially when wet
  • Aimed at year round commuting, race training, adventure, and hardpack conditions
  • Features 3C rubber with three compounds, including graphene G2.0
  • Lightweight, pristine, graphene provides impressive strength, and adds considerable puncture protection, enhances grip with reduced rolling resistance
  • Generous tread application for superior mileage and durability
  • Tire is directional- see arrow on side for best results
  • 60tpi nylon casing is strong, yet supple with better sidewall protection
  • Use with latex or butyl tubes
  • PRB protectction layer in center tread
  • Smooth center, special shoulder tread that grips, sipes away water
  • Sizes: 700x25, 700x28
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 25mm> 300g, 28mm> 340g
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