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The Terreno Zero Endurance tire embodies the ultimate blend of speed, stability, and durability. It ingeniously combines the swift characteristics of the road-racing Corsa tire with the reliable grip of the Terreno Dry gravel tire, further enhanced by 360-degree puncture resistance. This tire excels on hard, dry surfaces, well-groomed gravel, and routes that feature both road and gravel sections, offering unparalleled speed and dependability. Its center strip tread smartly bridges the gap between file tread and low-profile knobs; the “scales” are ramped to lower rolling resistance on straightaways, yet provide secure, responsive traction during braking and cornering. The tread depth gradually increases towards the shoulders, ensuring a smooth transition that avoids abrupt impacts during turns.

Infused with Graphene, the rubber composition of the Terreno Zero minimizes rolling resistance and enhances puncture resistance. Graphene's unique ability to fill gaps between rubber molecules results in a lighter, more efficient, and more durable structure. This tire features the highest thread count in Vittoria's gravel line, making it the most supple and lightest gravel casing available. Constructed with durable nylon threads capable of enduring the rigors of mixed-terrain cycling, its high thread count not only reduces rolling resistance but also preserves the natural feel of gravel while dampening road noise.

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  • Terreno Zero Endurance tire combines speed, stability, and durability
  • Integrates features from the road-racing Corsa and the Terreno Dry gravel tire
  • Enhanced with 360-degree puncture resistance
  • Optimal for hard, dry surfaces, well-groomed gravel, and mixed road and gravel routes
  • Center strip tread bridges file tread and low-profile knobs, featuring ramped scales for reduced rolling resistance and improved traction
  • Tread depth increases towards the shoulders for smoother cornering
  • Rubber infused with Graphene to minimize rolling resistance and enhance puncture resistance
  • Highest thread count in the gravel line for a supple feel, reduced rolling resistance, and effective noise dampening
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