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Vittoria has pushed their engineering team to deliver the Terreno series of Cyclocross/Gravel tires for a variety of terrain variants, with true specialty options from fastest dry hardpack to wet mud. The center point of that range is the province of the Terreno Mix G2.0. Many observers see the low tread knobs across the range as a sign of Vittoria missing the point of a tire range, but the keys to the Terreno models are as follows: Vittoria's G2 rubber compound, the rubber is applied in three specific layers, referred as 3C, and the fact that the TNT tubeless system and 120tpi casing allow for low pressures with low damage risk, or burping. The result is a footprint and control that exceeds the "normal" expectations of what a tread system can accomplish.

The Terreno Mix, in appropriate sizes, is a tire that can handle cyclocross and gravel use with an all-conditions tread, offering a range of capability no matter the terrain. At the heart of the design is a fast rolling center ridge, which is designed to minimize rolling resistance, while still providing confident braking traction. Cornering and off camber work is confidently handled by alternating open shoulder lugs. These lugs are shaped to allow a supple feel for pavement and hardpack surfaces, while still offering a solid effective edge for grass and loam terrain. By applying the optimal tire pressure for the conditions and your riding weight and style, you can certainly push the Terreno Mix to it's full capabilities.

The Terreno Mix tire utilizes a supple but strong 120 TPI Nylon casing, which carries the rubber carcass and upgraded TNT Tubeless Ready bead. The Vittoria's high tech Graphene 2.0 rubber compound is featured in each layer of the triple compound 3C rubber that provides durability, puncture resistance, grip and feel. Exactly where you need it. G2.0 also offers some inherent grip in wet conditions, noticeable on rocky surfaces, flyovers, and pavement zones.

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  • Tubeless gravel tire with mixed surface tread design optimized for cross & gravel mixed terrain
  • G2 offers superior rolling performance, grip, traction, and longevity
  • Tread design is perfect for a combination for mixed terrain, with speed and confidence-inspiring control
  • Graphene 2.0 isolates performance requirements for each tire, balances speed, grip, durability and puncture resistance per the expected function of the tire design
  • 3C is tread layering process of various rubber compounds, each containing G2.0
  • TNT is Vittoria's tubeless tire system, with reinforced sidewall that ensure real cut resistance and great overall puncture protection
  • Result is better cornering stability, rolling speed, fewer pinch flats/burps at lower pressures
  • Casing: 120tpi Nylon
  • Sizes/Weight: 700x33 / 420g, 700x38 / 500g
  • Color: Black/Anthracite
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