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The Terreno folding clincher series tires from Vittoria run a full range of fast rolling, fairly smooth options, through aggressive mud tires, most which are sized for both cyclocross and gravel use. The Terreno Zero G2.0 Tubeless TNT Gravel Tire is the ultra-fast rolling pavement to hardpack option model. For early cross season in many areas, particularly Colorado and the dry Western states, this is speed tire many will love as a rear option. Gravel riders who train long distances often desire such a tire when mileage and hardpack are used to train for speed and distance. Some gravel or even more versatile fondo courses will also favor the Zero when the conditions are dry.

The Terreno Zero in this version utilizes a supple but strong 120 TPI Nylon casing, which carries the rubber carcass and Tubeless Ready bead. The TNT protection offers more advanced sidewall to sidewall abrasion and puncture protection- which is crucial at lower tubeless pressures. The Vittoria's high tech Graphene 2.0 rubber compound is featured as part of the triple compound 3C rubber that provides durability, puncture resistance, grip and feel. Vittoria focuses the G2.0 on the Corsa inspired smooth center tread, which is optimal for speed and low rolling resistance. This is the surface that will either draw in to using a Terreno Zero, or scare you, forcing a look to more a substantial center tread. The shoulder tread features what Vittoria is referring as fish scales, because they exhibit that shape and pattern. These offer surprising and dependable bite when cornering in pavement and even on hardpack, assisted by gaps in the second row of scales and a v-shaped edge tread. Grip is actually quite good, even on wet pavement, but make no mistake, this tire is all about speed and reliability.

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  • Speed-oriented TLR gravel tire optimal for paved surfaces and hard-pack terrain
  • TNT bead to bead sidewall abrasion protection
  • Reliable for gravel grinding to medium conditions and hardpack cross racing
  • Corsa-inspired smooth center tread minimizes rolling resistance
  • Side tread “scales” provide dependable bite through corners, and when braking
  • Best to avoid muddy or severe loose, wet terrain
  • 3C triple compound in the tread for increased wear life and grip
  • Functionalized Graphene 2.0 compound delivers ultimate performance, limits punctures
  • 32mm size can be used for fast cross hardpack, generally as a rear speed option
  • Vittoria Tubeless Ready TNT technology, folding clincher tire
  • Casing: 120 TPI Nylon
  • Sizes/Weight: 700x32 / 380g, 700x35 / 465g, 700x38 / 510g
  • Color: Full Black, Anthracite/Black
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