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Best Bolt 2.0 buying option if you require these bundled items: TICKR Heart Rate Monitor, RPM Speed & Cadence Sensors.

When the first generation Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT GPS computer was released, it's sleek form, user friendly, app-based interface, and Wahoo ecosystem connectivity made it an instant seller. It had limitations, some of which were part of the design- to keep the unit smaller and really an ideal head unit for competitive riders and triathletes. Some firmware updates drove more engagement, and were applauded, such as Varia Radar integration. Yet the unit lacked a color screen, onboard maps, true out-and-back routing, and other features that appeared in the substantially larger ELEMNT ROAM. Now in it's 2nd generation, the BOLT adds virtually everything from the ROAM, and more, including a more defined color screen, new color-oriented data fields/displays, 16GB of onboard memory for maps and workout storage, onboard elevation data in it's map sets, and more- the most crucial of which (to many people) may well be the USB-C interface and faster charging. BOLT’s race-worthy aerodynamics, intuitive mapping and targeted training features now provide you with a GPS bike computer that optimizes overall performance to help power your training, racing, and more explorative rides.

The BOLT 2.0 has all the standard GPS bike computer features you need for training and general riding. Communication is handled across the board: App access via BLE with your phone for iOS and Android, ANT+, BLE, WiFi, ANT FE-C. It has GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, and QZSS satellite support to keep you on track wherever you are. It has all the standard bike computer capabilities, with customizable data fields, and major sensor support including Specialized's ANGi safety system, Shimano Di2, SRAM AXS, and ANT+ Radar. Color LED lights on the unit can be customized for quick look use. You get smart integrations for texts, calls, and emails (when used with your phone), even systems like WhatsApp, Line, Signal, and Telegram. The new mapping set-up is comprehensive, in 64 colors (versus the ROAM's 8 and shaded variants), and with the unit North America, Europe and Australia are preloaded. Wahoo offers free downloads for other areas on their website, accomplished via WiFi. Turn-by-turn directions can be generated on the unit, via Komoot, Ride with GPS, Strava and other routing source files.

Your training is supported with structured workout integration with TrainingPeaks, Today's Plan, and TrainerRoad, while mountain bikers can tap in to Singletrack and MTB project for detailed trail info. BestBikePlan provides a great race-day planning platform. Power integration has already been standard, and all the usual power metrics are onboard. Of course you also get simple trainer integration with KICKR units, but FE-C also makes connecting to other brands simple and unified.

Size wise, the BOLT 2.0 is a little bigger than the first generation, but the existing BOLT mounts work with the new version- however, the size and slight shape difference means only the mount for the new design is as aero as possible. You will have a small gap otherwise, which would likely only be crucial on raceday, but some folks will want the cleanest integration all of the time. Despite the advanced features and color scree, Wahoo has been able to keep the internal Li-Ion battery life at 15 hours, and with 5amp charging capability with USB-C, versus the previous 1.5amp, you can more easily manage charging, even at multi-day events. Weight comes in just 9 grams heavier than the 1st generation BOLT. Wahoo also added an ambient light sensor, like the ROAM, but lacking on the 1st gen BOLT.

There is much more granular detail about the 2nd generation BOLT than we can add here, but it is safe to say that is the case with every smart device we carry, plus Wahoo will be releasing other features and additions over time, via firmware update. Which makes it a great time to add that when you get a new device with the capability, ALWAYS update firmware before you set-up and use, and keep up with future updates. All new computer-type devices have initial bugs or challenges that don't show up despite broad and comprehensive testing, as once thousands of users in an array of locales and situations start using a device, smaller issues tend to pop-up. We recommend a little patience at first, and know that Wahoo's technical and customer support program is generally considered quite responsive and willing to help. Given the success Excel Sports has had as a Wahoo dealer, we recommend that anyone seeking a new GPS head unit with great features and a company driven to success, can look to the 2nd generation ELEMNT BOLT as serious competitor in the $275-$325 price range.

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  • 2nd generation ELEMNT BOLT GPS bike computer with full onboard color mapping
  • Bundle edition with TICKR Heart Rate Monitor, RPM Speed & Cadence Sensors
  • Full suite of onboard and third party GPS routing and features with NA, Europe and Australia maps pre-loaded (others available free via Wahoo app/site)
  • 16GB of onboard storage for maps and workouts (versus 4GB of 1st gen)
  • USB-C connection with replaceable access cover, for 5amp charging, with IP67 waterproof rating
  • 64 color screen over 2.2" screen with 320x240 resolution
  • Button controls have better response now for easier use overall, even with gloves
  • Communication: App access via BLE with your phone for iOS and Android, ANT+, BLE, WiFi, ANT FE-C
  • GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, and QZSS satellite support
  • Altimeter supports onboard elevation data to map sets
  • Ambient light sensor to trigger screen in the dark
  • One row of customizable LED lights on unit
  • Color-tied data fields (based on HR and power zones), with new data set-up options as well
  • Full smart notifications when used with smartphone (text, email, calls; with various text platforms)
  • Full training integrations with specified third party systems
  • Multisport Handover tracks and automatically shares real-time bike segment time between ELEMNT BOLT bike computer and ELEMNT RIVAL sport watch
  • Sensor integrations with several systems: ANGi, Di2, AXS, ANT+ Radar, and others
  • Full and simple integrations with KICKR trainers, and FE-C control for all other equipped smart trainers
  • Head unit dimensions: 3.05" x 1.86" x .84"
  • Battery / runtime: Internal rechargeable Lithium Ion / 15 hours
  • Interface: USB-C
  • In the box: Gen 2 ELEMNT BOLT Unit, new Integrated Out-front Mount, Stem Mount & Zip Ties, USB-C Charging Cable, Quick Start Guide, Important Product Info Guide
  • Bundle includes: TICKR Heart Rate Monitor, RPM Speed & Cadence Sensors
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 70 grams (head unit)

ALWAYS update firmware as part of initial set-up, and monitor for new updates for optimal performance.

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