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Wahoo's updated aero-integrated mount for the V2 ELEMNT BOLT GPS bike computer is made of durable, lightweight composite polymer plastic that is stout and secure. As with other mounts Wahoo 1/4 turn type insert is replaceable. This ELEMNT BOLT V2 Aero Out Front Mount has been developed to make sure the insert wears, not the interface of the head unit. From the beginning, the Bolt head unit concept was developed for aero integration to reduce and manage drag for the unit shape and aero optimized to work with the mount as a single unit, while also doing it's best to stay close to the handlebar to minimize drag from the frontal face of the head unit, and above and below the bar. It is a messy are of the bike, but every small reduction in drag offers some benefit.

Wahoo supplies an everyday optional, UCI compliant, locking screw ensures the head unit is fully secure to the mount- which is a required safety feature for UCI sanctioned racers at bike weigh-in. The details of this simple mount are strong, as you'd expect from Wahoo, with a single bolt clamp mount design for a 31.8mm round handlebar with a single bolt clamp. Intelligently, this bolt is inserted from the top, which make it easy to install, and truly minimizes the possibility it will loosen up and fall out without you noticing. Soft, no-slip materials are used inside the clamp to prevent slippage and reduce force applied to the bar from the composite clamp.

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  • Aero-developed mount for optimal integration with 2nd gen Element Bolt head unit and round handlebar
  • Developed for the Wahoo 1/4 turn system (differs from Garmin, others); features a replaceable insert
  • Works exclusively with the newest ELEMNT BOLT design for a clean, efficient forward facing surface
  • Fits 31.8mm round bars, offsets from the left to the right, centering the Bolt unit off the stem face
  • No-slip material also protects bar when fastened
  • Single bolt, hinge clamp design is easy to install
  • UCI compliant optional locking screw ensures the head unit is fully secure to the mount- which is a required feature for UCI sanctioned racers at bike weigh-in
  • Made with durable, lightweight plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 25.5g / 0.9oz
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