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Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM GPS Computer

The Wahoo Fitness universe has been predicated on ease of connectivity, set-up, and use across the family of Wahoo products. The concept of simplicity, from initial set-up to the on the bike training and when sharing data outward, has been a guiding principle. Now with some true sharing standards in the smart fitness world, you can utilize the full capabilities of the ELEMNT series GPS bike computers seamlessly outside the family if you will. While the ELEMNT Bolt has been the most popular Wahoo head unit for training road cyclists, more diverse user groups, from dirt to gravel, and back to road have been asking for more GPS capability, mapping and route options, all in a larger screen screen format similar to the benchmark ELEMNT model. In adding new hardware and improving the screen and color sharpness, while adding the GPS features you asked for, Wahoo developed the ELEMNT ROAM. With a 2.7" Gorilla Glass color screen, button control, and 17 hours of rechargeable battery life, ROAM was built for more cycilists, across more disciplines, and still manages to adhere to the principle of simplicity.

So what does the ELEMNT ROAM offer outside of a clear, large color screen and a cool name? It all starts with the most powerful set of navigation features Wahoo has built into a device. With the head unit itself, you can navigate to saved locations or a point on the map directly, and the ROAM can find the fastest way home and reroute you if you get off course. The ROAM carries the turn-by-turn direction capability of it's namesake, and adds several other navigation features: Route To Start, Back On Track, Retrace Your Route, Take Me To, Get Me Started, and Saved Locations. These are the features most requested by Wahoo's loyal following and makes the ROAM a much more capable GPS head unit overall, building off the free pre-loaded global maps, wireless route downloads from the most popular cycling apps (Strava, Ride With GPS, Komoot, MTB Project, Singletracks) and Wahoo’s “Take Me To” navigation which allows users to generate a cycling optimized route and turn-by-turn cues just by plugging the destination into the companion app.

The 2.7" screen itself is worthy of more detail as ROAM features a proven, durable Gorilla Glass screen with ambient light sensing feature, to automatically adjust backlight brightness. The display uses color to highlight key features and metrics, making it simple to see where you’re going and how you’re performing in all light conditions. From a physical standpoint, the ROAM weighs in at 93.6 grams, is rated to the 5' submerged depth IPX7 standard, and has the aforementioned rechargeable lithium ion battery that delivers 17 hours of use, depending on settings and how you choose to use it.

Simplicity comes in several features, such as the large and tactile navigation and use buttons favored by training cyclists, the ability to fully program the ROAM via the Wahoo ELEMNT app, the on-unit Perfect View Zoom and programmable LED performance indicators. ROAM also utilizes colors for easy to identify training features on screen. For connectivity, the ROAM is equipped with the expected Bluetooth, ANT+, Wi-Fi and ANT+ FE-C systems, and like all ELEMNT GPS bike computers the ROAM can pair seamlessly with most bicycle sensors; including power meters, heart rate monitors, speed sensors, cadence sensors, electronic shifting systems, muscle oxygen sensors and KICKR indoor bike trainers- as well as other manufacturer units. After a ride, your workouts automatically and wirelessly sync to your favorite 3rd party apps. Of course includes Strava as ROAM fully integrates with Strava Live Segments to give you a heads up before the segment begins, progress status when you are ahead or behind your goal, and a unique Final Push when you are close to hitting a PR or taking that KOM.

TrainingPeaks and Today’s Plan are fully integrated so that your training plan automatically syncs to your ROAM. Mid-workout receive LED, audio and pop-up notifications at each interval and post workout your data is sent back to the apps automatically. Training indoors? Wahoo smart trainers will adjust resistance to match the target power of each interval. Plus, it comes pre-loaded with three Team Ineos structured workouts designed by their team coaches and 2 FTP tests for your convenience. You also get the popular ELEMNT Climb Data tool. Using an onboard barometric altimeter and GPS data, ROAM displays accurate climb data in real time, including grade and total distance climbed. As far as other standard ELEMNT features go, ROAM carries the Live Tracking system to help keep others cued in on your location- a great safety feature. It goes without saying, though we list it anyway, but you get full smart Live Notifications via your phone, as well as full control and integration with all Wahoo KICKR series trainers.

Finally, for those who appreciate that the BOLT was developed with a more aerodynamic shape and integrated mount system, the same approach was brought to the ROAM. While the ROAM may not be the first choice of most training cyclists, there are many who will appreciate the full featured, easy to read and use ROAM with it's serious GPS navigation capabilities, especially those who regularly travel or ride outside the normal home training range. These riders may even use a BOLT for local, repetitive training rides and racing. As you are in the Wahoo universe, data and file formats will automatically match up. That is the advantage of Wahoo, and the reason many existing Wahooligans, and many converts, will bring the ELEMNT ROAM home.


  • Color GPS computer with advanced navigation capability, simple connectivity and use
  • Features 2.7" crystal clear Gorilla Glass color screen that shows, warns, informs
  • Ambient light sensing feature, to automatically adjust backlight brightness
  • Display uses color to highlight key features and metrics for fast, easy recognition
  • Cyclist friendly, tactile control and menu buttons
  • Full Bluetooth, ANT+, Wi-Fi and ANT+ FE-C trainer connectivity
  • Complete interface set-up and control via Wahoo ELEMNT companion app with simple interface and screen pane designs
  • Full ELEMNT series features and navigation tools, smart notifications, control features
  • ROAM adds Route To Start, Back On Track, Retrace Your Route, Take Me To, Get Me Started, and Saved Locations
  • Direct Strava Route Segment integration and interaction
  • Full training and course features, automatic 3rd party app uploads
  • Patented aero integrated unit and mount design
  • Full control and usage capability with Wahoo KICKR series trainers
  • August 2019 Firmware updates- ELEMNT can control open ANT+ Radar/Lights
  • January 2020 Firmware update- ANGi helmet live tracking and crash detection control features with Specialized App/compatible helmets
  • Control integration with: Di2, Campy EPS, FSA, BSX Insight, MOXY, SRAM eTap AXS
  • Screen size: 2.7" (68.6 mm)
  • Battery/Life: Rechargeable Li-ion / Up to 17 hours
  • Waterproof rating: IPX7 (submerged up to 5 ft)
  • Includes: ROAM, Integrated Out Front and Stem mounts, USB charging cable, etc
  • Color: Gray/Black
  • Weight: 3.3 oz (93.6 grams)