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Depending on where you live, your work/life schedule, and your masochistic tendences, your indoor bike training set-up has to meet your needs. Wahoo Fitness offers KICKR series t trainers that integrate easily with training programs and 3rd party software, most of which requires a laptop, screen, tablet, etc., that you can interact and interface with. The Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk gives you a stable, adjustable height platform for your electronics. The design can placed just in front of your handlebars for ideal viewing and interaction. It doesn't matter if you are just watching a movie or hammering out a three hour training block, the Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk can handle the job. Besides having several great features that allow for upright tablet and smartphone positions, cable management, and a slip resistant surface; the max 48" height allows you to use the unit for a standing work desk when you aren't training, adding much more value overall.

Wahoo created the Bike Desk for this versatility by using a structural form and materials that can withstand not only the corrosive aspects of perspiration, but offer great stability and ease of use. The formed steel tube frame and baked-on polymer finish deliver strength and protection. The molded composite top carries a removable slip resistant rubber mat that prevents items from moving while you interact with them, and is easily cleaned. Three wheels on the base make moving the Bike Desk much easier on hard or soft surfaces, and protect your flooring. The base width is 28", so the unit will roll onto or just around most protective floor mats used with trainers, and fit through most doorways. The height adjustability is about every inch within the 33-48" range. Just push the blue buttons above each upright on the table top, then push down or pull up. Simple, adjustable, flexible, durable, stable, and cleanable- all you can ask for in such a bike desk.

Cable management holes allow for a clean workspace and look, and Wahoo has provided front and rear edge slots that hold your tablet and or phone at a stable viewing angle. The slots have holes for cable routing and management. Everywhere you look, you can see the designers at Wahoo anticipating and solving problems with their usual attention to details with a clean aesthetic. We have had several customers buy these just for use a sit/stand work station because it is just a quality, well thought out piece. You can even roll it forward or back while on the bike- trust us, you will do this. The Bike Desk is delivered in a few pieces, yet easy to handle and assemble. The 28" x 14" top offers considerable user space, and has two corner zones that resemble handles and can be used as such, or for keeping a towel, or securing a bunch of excess cables.

We can only see a few limitations. First is that the wheels and flat base dictate a flat floor surface. The wheels themselves are like scooter wheels, and roll easily, So if your floor isn't flat, yes the Bike Desk can and will roll downhill. You may need to use a small item to prevent this undesired travel. Wahoo could have addressed this with a levered friction locking mechanism on the center front wheel that could have provided just a bit of friction or allowed for full lock out. On carpet or a training mat this really becomes a non-issue. On hardwoods, concrete or laminate, even flat surface, be aware the unit does roll easily. As controlling or containing this movement is simple, it isn't a deal breaker, but we think you should be aware of it. While there are simpler and less expensive options available, the stability, adjustability, versatility, features and size of the Wahoo Fitness KICKR Bike Desk make it our top choice for indoor training with any stationary trainer set-up.

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  • Rolling, height adjustable desk designed for stationary indoor trainer use
  • Allows user to easily adjust for sitting, standing, riding in various positions
  • Compatible with all road handlebar and aerobar set-ups
  • Push button operation to position desktop to sitting or standing position
  • Height adjusts in about 1" increments from 33-48"
  • Built-in tablet/smartphone slot stands and access holes for cable management
  • 3 wheels for easy rolling movement on flat surfaces, even carpet or mat
  • Overall width is 28" to fit easily around cockpit shape, pass through doorways
  • Stability/sturdiness from formed steel tube frame and baked-on polymer finish
  • Corrosion resistant finish on frame, tray is molded composite, with removable anti-slip rubber mat, which is easily cleaned
  • Base dimensions: 28" Width x 30"Depth
  • Desk Top: 28" Width x 14" Depth
  • Adjustable Desk Height from Floor: 33" to 48"
  • Color: Black-Silver-Blue
  • Weight: 37lbs
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