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Wahoo Fitness has made it simple for you to adapt your 142/12mm thru-axle bike (mountain, road or cross) to your Kickr Snap trainer. This kit contains three 142/12mm thru-axles with the three commonly used thread pitches. You also get a Kickr Snap specific end cap, and a conical washer to ensure proper fit. The adapter cannot be used with any other thru-axle diameter or length. The system is simple and easy to use, and will securely lock your bike into the Snap.

The three threading options are M12 1.75 Coarse, M12 1.5 Medium, and M12 1.0 fine. Your frame and current thru-axle are highly likely to be supplied with one of the three thread pitches. Just match up your axle, mount it up and go. A detailed PDF instruction will guide you through the process. Make sure you hold on to all three, because your next, or alternative bike might have a different thread pitch.

Please keep in mind that the Kickr Snap 142 Mountain Bike Adapter system is only for use with the Kickr Snap trainer. It is not designed to be used with other trainer interfaces. Not designed to be ridden off the trainer.

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  • Wahoo Kicker Snap specfic thru-axle adapter system for 142/12mm thru-axle bikes
  • Everything you need for most 12x142mm through axle bikes, axle, end cap, washer
  • Three different thread pitch axles supplied in this kit- Coarse, Medium, Fine
  • Not compatible with any other thru-axle diameter or length
  • System designed specifically for Kickr Snap, cannot be used with other trainers
  • Cannot be ridden off trainer
  • Sold as a complete kit with three axle thread types, cannot be broken up
  • Detailed instructions provided and online
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