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Wahoo KICKR Thru-Axle Adapter

If you want to mount your mountain, cross, or road bike with a 142/12mm thru-axle to your Wahoo Kickr trainer, this is the adapter kit you need. It is not designed to work with any other thru-axle size, nor any other trainer. Before installing the Kickr Mountain Bike Adapter, Wahoo highly recommends you watch their installation video. The PDF instructions are detailed, but the video is much more effective. This is a multi-stage, multi-part assembly that must be installed properly to ensure safe usage.

The adapter itself is not a thru-axle, but a longer quick release with a series of small parts. Two parts are swapped into the trainer itself, while two more mate with your thru-axle system. The catch is that there are different types of the 142/12 interface, so you have to choose the matching parts. The video makes this all very clear and easy to identify. Once you are set-up, your 142/12mm thru-axle bike will be set-up securely for indoor training, and after going through the conversion once or twice, if you train inside and outside you will be able to quickly adapt your trainer and bike, no problem..


  • 142/12mm thru-axle adapter specfic to the Wahoo Kickr trainer
  • Adaptation is specific to different 142/12 thru-axle design
  • Includes PDF instructions, Wahoo video highly recommended
  • Includes non-drive adapter and 17mm flat drive-side lock nut
  • Includes long QR skewer with specific thru-axle adapters for different designs
  • Designed only for Wahoo Kickr use, cannot be used off trainer