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Wahoo's wireless RPM Speed Sensor features dual-band Bluetooth BLE and ANT+ transmission options so it can be paired with the vast majority of head units and devices on the market. The simple pod design can be mounted on a chainstay or on a hub shell via the included rubber mount. Wahoo uses an accelerometer so there is no need for a magnet. LED lights indicate connection, as well as effective measurement of speed.

Wahoo engineers the signal strength for up to a 10 foot range, making connection a non-issue, nor will you have any cross talk problems as the sensor has dedicated pairing through ANT+ or Bluetooth BLE. Any head unit that offers these connection options should be able to read the sensor signal. Please verify your specific Bluetooth type, as there are many standards. Note that Garmin or other head units often have a speed/cadence sensor or individual speed and cadence options. You will need to use the individual speed option for pairing.

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  • Wireless Speed Sensor with dual-band transmission options
  • Works with Bluetooth BLE and ANT+ compatible devices, head units
  • Sensor powered by replaceable CR2032 battery with approx 12 month lifespan
  • Speed sensor can be mounted on chainstay or hub center using rubber mount
  • No magnet required
  • Easy to pair and set to your head unit
  • Includes: Speed sensor, rubber mount
  • Weight: 16.5 grams including mount
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