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For years Speedplay road pedal users have been yearning for a version with an integrated power meter. It has been no easy trick to deliver such a pedal that maintains a high percentage of the original Speedplay Zero design elements that dedicated riders love. After Wahoo purchased Speedplay, the anticipation only increased. Now Wahoo offers this pair of Speedplay POWRLINK Zero Single-Sided power meter pedals, and while the limitation of space and technical requirements means some aspects of the original design have been tweaked, the essential Speedplay Zero concept carries forward. POWRLINK has been tested to +/- 1% accurate in the lab as well as in the real world, with stability and reliability- the two strict requirements for today's power meters. The Powrlink system is available in this single-side version, as well as a dual-side. You gain specific power measurement and Left/Right balance from the dual-sided version, but you save $350 by opting for the single-side, which makes it a great value when you factor in that these are also your pedals.

Single-Sided in this case means Left pedal only power measurement. In delivering accuracy from one sides then estimating a balance from the right side dummy pedal, Wahoo is offering a reasonably accurate representation of a rider's overall output, as do many other pedal-base power meter options. In starting with a +/- 1% standard Wahoo ensures the POWRLINK system starts with the most accurate single-sided pedal measurement device. The metrics generated are the estimated total power and cadence, the latter of which is created by an internal gyroscope. The system does not support more advanced Pedal Dynamics features found on other company's dual-sided options, though the actual usefulness of those advanced metrics are questioned by some riders and reviewers. If you don't require Pedal Dynamics, then you won't care. The system has been given Temperature Compensation and that has been tested and proven to provide accurate power data across changing conditions as you ride. This is crucial for real world accuracy. Communication is available with a dual channel system featuring ANT+ and Bluetooth LE (three connections available), so almost all computer head units are compatible.

Wahoo's ecosystem integration is excellent and as with most of their products, it is always easier and more direct to connect within the brand. Wahoo is known for it's app-based approach to set-up and use, and with the Speedplay POWRLINK Zero Single-Sided Pedals you will be using the simple and intuitive Wahoo Fitness app, which offers guided instructions for set-up, calibration, battery level and firmware updates. Battery life is rated at about 75 hours of average use via the rechargeable lithium battery system in the left pedal. A clip system attaches to the axle-based exterior pod, and is matched with a USB-A cable that has a USB-C end that inserts into the clip. There is no specific diabolic process for installing the pedals, except for using an 8mm Hex wrench from the back of the crank arm and tightening properly. A longer 8mm Hex L-type tool or a handled L-type tool is recommended.

As stated, Speedplay fans focus key elements of the original pedals. All specifications are listed below, but please know there is only one axle length- the stock version with sets the Q-Factor at 55mm. At this time there will not be any axle length options/versions. The stack height and pedal weights are increased, as is cornering clearance, but these compromises are not major and will not be deal-breakers for most Speedplay users who truly want an an accurate pedal based power meter system. The quality of the pedal build and cleat rotation are the same as you'd expect of a Zero Stainless axle pedal, with 15 degrees of rotational floaty and 7.5 degrees of micro-adjustable release angle. While POWRLINK comes with the Standard Tension Walkable cleat set, the Easy Tension version of the cleats are compatible, though sold separately. These cleats are inline with the Wahoo Speedplay Zero Pedals as well, meaning there is NOT a special cleat just for the POWRLINK pedal.

Excel Sports was one of the longest running, most comprehensive dealers of Speedplay pedals before Wahoo purchased the company. It has not been a smooth road for Wahoo, as historical Speedplay users are passionate about the pedal design and features. We have found that for many the single most important aspect has been the rotational action and freedom of movement. This function is also why some cyclists have never really embraced the Speedplay road system. Cornering clearance, stack height, and Q-Factor do matter, but not quite as much to most cyclists, and some riders have their one crucial concern over another. Wahoo has achieved an accurate, reliable, and simple to use Speedplay system power meter pedal system. This is a win for the Speedplay community overall, and unless some of the key elements are truly a deal breaker, we believe the POWRLINK Zero Single-Sided system is a solid and truly positive answer to the question "When is someone going to make a Speedplay-based power meter?!" Return to Top


  • Single side (Left ) Speedplay style power meter pedal system with axle inline pod; Right side is standard pedal
  • Left sensor delivers estimated power giving representation of rider overall output
  • Power Meter Accuracy: +/- 1% confirmed with lab testing, proven in the real world
  • Temperature compensation: tested, proven to provide accurate power data across changing temperatures
  • Supported metrics: estimated total power, cadence
  • Internal gyroscope reports out cadence data
  • Simple and intuitive Wahoo Fitness app offers guided instructions for set-up, calibration, firmware updates, pedal battery power status
  • Easy to connect with the rest of the Wahoo Ecosystem
  • Communications: Dual-Band ANT+ & Bluetooth Technology
  • Three simultaneous Bluetooth connections
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with battery life with up to 75 hours of use
  • Pedals have uncompromised durability and minimal maintenance; stainless steel construction, triple-sealed bearing system
  • 3-Axis Adjustable set-up allows cleat to be positioned on the bottom of the shoe and adjusted fore-aft, left-right and rotationally, allowing between 0-15° of float
  • Pedal design allows the heel to pivot around the center of the pedal
  • Pedal/Cleat design create a secure connection and a streamlined profile
  • Seamless integration that aids power transfer and increases aerodynamics
  • Release Angle: Micro Adjustable from 0° to 7.5°
  • Cleat Fore-Aft Adjustability: Up to 13mm / Cleat Left-Right Adjustability: Up to 6mm
  • Cleats: Standard Tension Included (Easy Tension Compatible) w/spacers
  • Stack Height: 13mm (with 3 hole adapter)
  • Cornering Clearance: 39°
  • Q-Factor: 55mm
  • Body Material: Grivory / Spindle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Bearing Type: Triple Sealed Cartridge & Needle Bearings
  • Max Rider Weight: 250lbs
  • Install as directed with 8mm Hex interface in pedal axle from back of crank
  • Waterproof rating: IPX7
  • Includes: Charging clip and USB cable
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 250 grams total per pair (Left: 138g / Right: 112g)
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