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Headset spacers are simple, inexpensive bike parts. Most people think of them just as a way to raise or lower their stem stack height. However, the headset assembly on your bike- no matter what type, is actually a set of bearing retainers and faces. Those faces must be as close to parallel as possible at at times, and as the assembly is tightened to proper pre-load, uneven faces create impingement on one side, and gaps on the other. Anyone who has adjusted a headset and found binding as they turn their bars can attest to this. Headset spacers continue the series of parallel planes from the top of the headset to the bottom of your stem. All these parts- and the assembly of them- must retain precise parallel faces. So precision machining, reliability, and quality materials are required.

These high quality headset spacers for ⅛ steerer tubes are cleanly cut from aluminum stock, then anodized in black gloss. Perfect machining by Wheels Manufacturing ensures no gaps or spaces when stacking. If you have ever mixed or matched spacers you know having uniform items not only looks better, but works much better as well. We offer these spacers in 2.5, 5, 10, and 20mm sizes so you can easily set-up your stack height to perfect fit. Excel Sports has trusted these Wheels spacers in our bike builds for decades, and you can as well. Sometimes simple needs to be perfect.

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  • Perfectly machined aluminum headset spacers for 1⅛ steerer tubes
  • Precision cutting process ensures parallel faces
  • Black anodized gloss finish
  • Heights available: 2.5, 5, 10, 20 mm
  • Made in Louisville, Colorado
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