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Road Chains

Wippermann ConneX 11sB Black Edition Chain

The distinct look of the Wippermann 11sB is due to the Black Edition coating on all inner and outer links which add massive durability and corrosion resistance. The proprietary black coating does well at resisting stretching and wear times, leading to a chain that will see more miles in the field than the normal steel chain. All of the other Wippermann designs are present including, Speed Wing plate design and Diamond Shape chamfering to produce a high quality product and a perfect replacement chain for rider focused on durability in the field.

The workmanship and overall finish of the chain superb. The steel pins that connect the links are extremely robust and measure in at a standard pin length of 5.6mm. The chain is connected by the venerable Connex link. The link is easy to install by hand, and Wippermann provides a detailed photo description on how to do it in the box and online. Removal is also designed to be tool free, in the shop or on the road. Simple practice at install will make field action much less stressful. The 11s0 chain comes in at 118 links long and 270 grams including the ConneX connecting link.

When comparing Wippermann to the competition, three basic design details help distinguish these innovative chains to stand apart. The proprietary Speed Wing profiling on outer plates increase both the speed and the accuracy of each shift, while the Diamond Shape chamfering allow the chain to glide up and down the cassettes and chainring ramps with ease. Power Pin technology give each chain pin a radial riveting inset, to produce an extremely wear-resistant surface for much improved wear times and increased strength. With these proven technologies combined with high quality materials and craftsmanship and the clever Connex connecting link, it becomes easy to see why Wippermann is a choice for many seasoned riders.


  • 11 speed steel chain for road or mountain use
  • Black Edition coated steel inner links and outer plates
  • Gold anodized rollers and pins
  • Superior shifting properties from innovative high performance plate geometry
  • Precision machined plates and rollers
  • Impeccable construction
  • ConneX link can be easily installed and removed by hand
  • Solid wear and corrosion resistance
  • Pin length: 5.60mm, roller width 2.20mm
  • 118 Links with Connex link
  • Weight: 270 grams