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Road Saddles

WTB Silverado Saddle

The Silverado Saddle from WTB is a favorite of many road cyclists and XC riders because of it's long padded nose and gradual taper from the tail through the throat of the design. It is still a fairly narrow saddle, but feels more substantial despite its light weight and low profile shape. The slight lift at the tail favors rider who prefer a more fixed rear position for general pedaling, while the long nose allows for gradual movement forward when you need pure power or have to center yourself more forward while climbing. WTB is offering the Silverado in a few configurations and we have brought in the Carbon and Team versions. The Carbon has a 7x9 oval carbon rails and a carbon shell, weighing in at just 169 grams. The Team has titanium rails with a Flex-Tuned composite shell and stays light at 197 grams. Both versions feature a durable WTB microfiber cover and firm, but medium thickness DNA padding.

The curvy shape and taper of the Silverado are favored by mountain riders who really use the saddle for control while cornering out of the saddle. This in one reason Trail and even Enduro riders opt for this 274mm long saddle. Your baggies don't get hung up, and the padding helps keep things comfortable. Road riders will be drawn the lifted rear as well, which gives them a firm position to produce consistent cadence and power from, with a leg slot that drops quickly down the smooth sides to the pedals. For types of riding, this is a saddle for those with a narrow sitbone structure, as the 133mm width includes a sloping edge that can make it feel even narrower. There is central depression channel that runs from the tail to a few inches short of the nose that alleviates pressure on sensitive areas. WTB applies some topical film in patterns that provide grip so you don't slide unnecessarily, but won't restrict purposeful movement either. Abrasion resistant edges wrap the back and sides of the tail to prevent abrasion and protect the microfiber cover. Both the carbon rail and titanium rail versions do soak up some vibration, with the Team (titanium rail) offering a little more give with the more supple rails and Flex-Tuned shell.

The Silverado has been a best seller for years largely because it appeals to so many riders across multiple disciplines. WTB has stepped it up with the Carbon version, but the Team truly hits the sweet spot for most, both in performance and price. The competitive road following no doubt will opt of the stiffer carbon version, as the consistency of power delivery under constant pedaling load will be optimal with the carbon rails and shell. Either way, you get to enjoy the high performance saddle of your choice with the WTB Silverado.


  • Lightweight Narrow-Long saddle with gradual taper, padded nose, minor tail lift
  • Central relief channel reduces pressure
  • Scuff guards on back and side of tail protect from abrasion
  • Moderate padded seating platform fixed rear position, lots of padded nose
  • Texture on surface prevents slipping, won't impede intentional movement
  • Dimensions: Length 274mm, Width 133mm
  • Carbon model: 7x9mm carbon rails, carbon shell, 169 grams
  • Team model: 7mm round titanium rails, Flex-Tuned composite shell, 197 grams
  • Both models: microfiber cover, DNA padding
  • Color: Carbon Black w/gold accents, Team Black w/black accents
  • Suitable for mountain, road and cyclocross use