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The key to the 303 Firecrest is actually just an advancement to a wider structure and more bulbous tire to rim shape, which of course is very similar to the original version, but substantially wider. With a hookless tubeless rim system the 25mm internal width seems even wider, freeing the restriction on how the tire reacts to air pressure, and the 30mm max external width creates the optimal aero shape for 28-30mm tires, even at low pressure. The set-up is fast, super stable, resilient to road chatter and strong. Zipp engineered the new hookless tubeless system as Tubeless Made Easy, as with most Tubeless Ready tires, you will not need tools to install or remove the tire, nor will you need a compressor to seat and seal the tire to the rim edge. The concept is simple, the engineering was difficult, but the rim edge is incredibly strong and highly reliable.

As part of the update a new disc brake hub was sourced from Germany, and while the front hub is in general a simple component, with all the fancy bits on the rear, the ZR1 Center Lock disc brake hub is fast, smooth, and has an advanced seal system protecting the bearings for improved durability. The hub has a 12/100mm thru-axle endcap set-up that is adaptable. The symmetric rim is laced to the hub in a 2x/2x pattern via 24 high-tensile, fatigue-resistant 18/8 stainless steel Sapim CX-Sprint j-bend spokes, which have become widely used and highly regarded for managing tension and hub-based disc brake forces. The CX-Sprint has a slight blade shape and butting that helps to defeat road vibration and protects the rim from potential damage from unavoidable impacts. In other words, these are the perfect spokes for a disc brake endurance road, carbon rim equipped wheel.

Zipp includes the tubeless valve and tubeless tape, along with a Center Lock locking. These rims are not designed for clincher tires however, if you need to deal with a roadside issue you can run a tube in your tubeless tire. The tubeless tire pressure range runs from 45-70psi, and user range is determined by a combination of tire size and rider weight. Zipp features a detailed chart of this to maximize the potential of the aero and tubeless features, but also to prevent rim damage. If you seek incredible tubeless performance in a premium all-around front disc brake road wheel, the updated 2021 Firecrest Tubeless Disc Brake carries our highest recommendation Return to Top


  • Versatile 40mm rim profile that’s fast, stable and versatile, optimized for 28-30mm tires
  • Endurance wheel for the modern road bike with tubeless and hookless rim profile
  • Tubeless ensuring secure performance even when ridden at lower tire pressures
  • Tubeless Made Easy, optimized tire bed, tool-less install/removal, no compressor needed
  • Not designed for use with clincher tires; Tubeless Ready / Tubeless / TLC only
  • Rim designed using real-world direct measurements (vs. primarily wind tunnel or computer simulation)
  • Rim width and bulbous shape creates a better rim/tire interface to be fast on or off the road
  • Rim spec: 30mm external width, 25mm internal width, 40mm rim depth, symmetrical
  • ABLC dimple pattern specifically for the 2021 303 Firecrest rim specs
  • Firecrest rims are durable enough for cobbles, and effectively controls airflow off the back half of the wheel while improving handling in crosswinds and overall ride quality
  • New ZR1-DB hub is engineered in Germany with better seal design for improved durability
  • 24 Sapim CX Sprint j-bend spokes with external nipples, laced 2x/2x
  • Front and rear wheel combined are 300 grams lighter than previous generation
  • Recommended pressure range is 44-70 psi depending on tire width and rider weight
  • Disc rotor interface: Center Lock (lockring included)
  • Axle spec: 12/100mm thru-axle
  • New Zipp graphics and cosmetic identity
  • Includes: tubeless valve, tubeless rim tape
  • Front wheel weight: 613 grams
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