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For some time now Zipp has been offering multiple price point options for cyclists who want to take advantage of their proven engineering and aerodynamics. With the 303 S Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake Wheels, Zipp has moved beyond the 302 wheel concept and is delivering the 303 S as a road and gravel speed wheel design that features greater width and a hookless tubeless rim bed. The wheel has been aero optimized for 28mm tires, lower pressures, and can safely handle tubeless tires from 25-50mm. ZIpp's internal testing showed the 303 S with a 10 watt savings versus a top peer wheel in total power required to ride 40kph on a flat road with a 28mm tire. This front wheel weighs in at 710 grams, while the rear is 815 grams, meaning this delivers a lightweight 45mm aero carbon wheelset at 1525 grams at $1300 for a set. Zipp has delivered many innovations and incredible performance since their inception, but never so much, for so little.

Speed, strength and lighter weight's are all achievable with the right combination of carbon construction experience, high grade carbon fiber and resin, and the requirements for disc brake only rims. The wider structures and rim brake track allow for a lighter rim design. By moving to a hookless rim bed for the tubeless system, excess is saved from the bead hook. This makes the rim a true tubeless only design- no clincher can be used with the rim, but if you have a tire emergency you can still use a tube with your tubeless (Tubeless, Tubeless Ready, TLR, TLC) tire. The wider internal and external design of the 303 S rim safely carries a wider tire size range and the lightweight rim can easily handle the extremes of gravel road conditions. As most know by know, rolling resistance is lessened via a tire with a proper contact patch that stays on the road surface. The 303 S Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake Wheels were designed for optimal speed and tire/rim aerodynamics with a 700x28 tire at a max pressure of 72.5 psi. The result is speed, along with great efficiency, superior handling, confident control and cornering wet or dry, as well as a much smoother ride that mitigates the vibrations and small impacts of your chosen surface. Zipp has a detailed chart of tire pressure range determined by rider weight and tire size. This should be strictly adhered to.

For the front hub Zipp is using their 76D, which features a machined shell, and tall flanges for widely available j-bend style spokes. The steel sealed cartridge bearings are smooth and durable. Axle end caps can be removed without tools for quick and easy cleaning and lubrication. 24 Sapim CX Sprint spokes are laced 2x/2x via external brass nipples for easy true and tension when needed without removing the tire or tubeless tape. The tape, tubeless valve, and lockring for the Center Lock disc brake rotor interface are included with the wheels. Finally, Zipp has adorned the 303 S with a simple and cool graphic design that is subtle, yet speaks of speed and stealth. We feel that in developing the 303 S Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake Wheels for this price point, the team at Zipp has truly made their strongest push ever to deliver incredible aero carbon wheels to a wider audience that includes road cyclists and gravel riders, regardless if they ever toe the line at a race event.

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  • Carbon front disc brake tubeless-only wheel with impressive credentials and price
  • Wide rims optimize tire profile to allow lower tire pressure, especially with tubeless.
  • Larger contact patch increases grip for confident cornering, descending, and handling in wet conditions
  • Wide hookless rims create a seamless transition to the tire, reducing drag
  • Lower tire pressures and larger volume provides a compliant ride with fewer vibrations
  • Significant watt savings when running larger tires at lower pressure
  • Rim specs: Depth 45mm, IntRW 23mm, ExtRW 27mm, Tubeless/TR/TLR/TLC tires only, Disc brake only
  • Tubes can be used with tubeless tires as a repair/emergency option
  • Fastest aerodynamically with 28mm tire
  • Tire size range: 700x25 - 700x5050
  • Max tire pressure: 72.5 psi w/28mm tire
  • Zipp has a detailed chart of tire pressure ranges based on weight, tire size
  • Lower tire pressures and larger volume provides a compliant ride with fewer vibrations
  • Significant watt savings when running larger tires at lower pressure
  • Hub: Zipp 76D, Center Lock disc, machined alloy, steel sealed bearings; easy to service
  • Lacing: 24h 2x2x with Sapim CX Sprint J bend spokes, brass nipples
  • Graphic design and identity evoke bold simple speed concept
  • Axle type | size: Thru-axle | 12x100mm
  • Includes: Tubeless rim tape, Tubeless valve, Center Lock lock-ring
  • Option: Front wheel
  • Finish: Matte carbon clear coat / Gray bake-on labels
  • Weight: 710 grams

Zipp offers Lifetime Warranty 303 S Carbon Tubeless Disc Wheels; requires Owner Registration via Zipp's website

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