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While long known as a visionary and innovative aerodynamic-focused wheel company, Zipp has extended their Indianapolis-based manufacturing experience and material technology genius to a wider scope of endurance/allroad/gravel applications, as well as mountain bike options. The 353 NSW Tubeless Disc Wheel concept is one option, rising beyond the 303 Firecrest by employing the NSW concept and their Total System Efficiency approach to wheel design that drives overcoming specific known barriers to speed: wind resistance, gravity, rolling resistance, and vibration losses. All of those also impact ride quality, handling, and rider control over rougher surfaces. The 353 NSW has been developed for the combination of surfaces that endurance and allroad cyclists tackle daily, in all-day mass events or races. By bringing hookless tubeless rim and wheel technology that offers a more comfortable ride and overall surface speed capability, along with proven aerodynamic and crosswind stability concepts to the rim surface Zipp's direction with the NSW 353 is build the ultimate allroad weapon to their quiver. Striking that balance with serious strength and a great warranty program, Zipp is setting a new standard.

Zipp’s 353 NSW Tubeless Disc-brake wheelset is the pinnacle of their pursuit of versatility and speed. This wheelset fuses Zipp’s two most advanced concepts, the Sawtooth™ rim profile and TSE™, for an all-encompassing approach to performance. In this rear wheel, the base NSW 353 information is all you need to know. With its undulating 45mm deep rim shape, the 353 NSW provides speed on every terrain with best-in-class aerodynamic efficiency and crosswind stability. The 353 NSW is Zipp’s lightest tubeless wheelset yet, making it a fast-puncher ready to fight its way into the breakaway. Zipp’s use of Hookless (straight side) rims in the 353 NSW is integral to achieving of their mission of Making You Faster. With hookless, the transition between the tire and the rim is more seamless and aero. Zipp’s hookless rims have more efficient resin distribution, which means lighter wheels. They also are highly durable.

Zipp’s 353 NSW’s Sawtooth™ rim shape with Hyperfoils™ optimizes aerodynamic efficiency and crosswind stability. The Sawtooth™ design also allows the rim to be structurally strong but light. That will help you snap out of corners and maintain that speed no matter the terrain, especially the steep, punchy stuff. The 353 NSW utilizes Zipp’s Total System Efficiency™, or TSE™, approach to wheel design: overcoming specific barriers to speed: wind resistance, gravity, rolling resistance, and vibration losses. The wheelset’s 25mm internal width is ideal for running wider tubeless tires at reduced air pressure for a more efficient ride. It certainly favors tires in a a greater width-as-measured than many road cyclists. A hookless compatible tubeless tire with a WAM of 28mm tire is the absolute minimum size you run, and 30-34mm is a better sweetspot. Many endurance and allroad bicycles are made for that range.

Drive engagement with the 353 NSW rear wheel starts with the Cognition V2 Rear Hub, which has ben re-engineered with an updated Axial Clutch V2™ mechanism for quicker engagement and lower friction as well as improved durability. The oversized hub shell has some aero properties with it's strong but slight j-bend flanges, but is incredibly stiff overall while carrying oversized sealed cartridge bearings. The Cognition V2 system is quiet, efficient, and super responsive, with absolute minimal friction or drag in the mechanism. The hub is laced with 24 Sapim CX-Ray j-bend spokes which are lightly aero and forgiving despite the high tension. The lacing is 2x/2x, and the spokes and rims are joined by standard external nipples for true and tension service. Zipp does recommend the Cognition V2 with the AxialV2 Clutch mechanism be lubricated with their recommended oil (not grease) every 100 miles of use, and the process is simple, taking just a few minutes with a little knowledge and practice.

To be direct, the NSW 353 is not a pure road race wheel. It is an extremely light allroad wheel that employs technology and material science to deliver the best combination of it's capabilities to that genre. It can be run for pure gravel with tires up 47mm, and will make an ideal wheel for a fast gravel race course, no matter how many hours you will sit in the saddle. Pair up this rear wheel with the front wheel for a 1255 gram allroad experience you won't match with any other wheelset.

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  • Versatile Rear endurance disc wheel for the modern road bike with tubeless and hookless rim profile
  • Zipp's lightest tubeless wheelset yet, making it the ideal attacking option with proven surface and crosswind stability as well
  • Hookless (straight side) tubeless rims with an optimized tire bed for easy tire installation
  • Rim spec: Symmetrical, Depth 45mm (actual between 42.7 - 46.5 due to Sawtooth™ rim shape), IRW 25mm, ERW 30.65mm; rim weight 341g
  • Tubeless tires only! must be minimum 28mm WAM and truly Hookless compatible
  • Zipp's online pressure calculator offers detailed tire pressure suggestions/ranges
  • TSE™ Total System Efficiency for greater efficiency and reduced rolling resistance
  • The TSE approach to wheel design drives overcoming specific barriers to speed: wind resistance, gravity, rolling resistance, and vibration losses
  • Sawtooth™ rim with Hyperfoil™ nodes and HexFin™ ABLC dimple pattern for top aero and crosswind-stability performance with an undulating rim depth
  • Cognition V2 Rear hub rolls efficiently and maintains excellent torsional stiffness under any load angle; Sylomer® system acts like a push spring, replaces magnets of the V1 model
  • Quick engagement (54 points); automatic preload Axial ClutchV2 technology reduces drag and lowers friction
  • Cognition V2 hubset rolls efficiently whether you are pedaling or coasting. Its Axial ClutchV2 technology reduces drag and lowers friction
  • Widely spaced oversized sealed cartridge bearings inside machined, oversized hub shell with aero exterior for j-bend spokes
  • Sapim CX-Ray steel bladed j-bend spokes, 24 Front and Rear; laced 2x/2x, with external nipples
  • Zipp graphics applied using Zipp’s ImPress™ direct-print technology
  • Lifetime Warranty extends to any issues experienced during normal riding use; non-riding use damage protected with a 50% discount on a replacement wheel
  • Includes: wheel bag, tubeless tape, tubeless valve
  • Center Lock disc rotor interface; lockring is included with each wheel
  • Thru-axle spacing: 12/142mm
  • Size: Hookless TLR 700c
  • Finish: UD carbon fiber w/ Impress technology
  • Weight: 675 grams (bare)
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