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Experience the future of cycling with the Zipp Cognition Freehub Body, where unmatched stability and stiffness redefine your wheel's performance. Engineered with precision, this hub showcases Zipp's revolutionary Axial Clutch mechanism, elevating your cycling experience to new heights.

At the heart of the Axial Clutch mechanism are two Metal Injection Molding (MIM) ratcheting rings, one integrated into the freehub body and the other in the hub body. These uniquely designed rings engage and ramp off each other, mimicking a ratchet system. As a result, they reduce friction while freewheeling, ensuring that your coasting doesn't nullify the power you've already exerted. Unlike traditional pawl designs, the lateral engagement of the MIM rings sets the Cognition Freehub Body apart, providing a smoother and more efficient ride.

Zipp takes innovation a step further by replacing the conventional steel springs with magnets, resulting in an even greater reduction in friction between the ratcheting rings. This groundbreaking improvement sets a new standard for mass-produced hub sets, delivering unparalleled smoothness and performance.

Zipp once again leads the charge by introducing this cutting-edge design. Step into the future of cycling with the Zipp Cognition Freehub Body and revolutionize your riding experience with its remarkable technology and unparalleled performance.

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  • The Zipp Cognition Freehub Body Gen 2 is a revolutionary component designed to enhance cycling performance.
  • It features an updated Axial Clutch technology, ensuring smooth engagement and disengagement for efficient power transfer.
  • The Gen 2 version offers improved durability and reliability, built to withstand challenging riding conditions.
  • The freehub body is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and minimizing gear failure risks.
  • It maximizes energy efficiency, allowing for lightning-fast accelerations and precise power transmission.
  • The Cognition Freehub Body Gen 2 is compatible with a wide range of cassettes, offering versatility in gear ratios.
  • It integrates seamlessly into the drivetrain system, enhancing overall bike performance.
  • The innovative design reduces friction while freewheeling, conserving energy and optimizing coasting.
  • The use of magnets instead of steel springs further reduces friction between ratcheting rings, resulting in an exceptionally smooth freewheel experience.
  • Zipp continues to lead the industry with their advanced technology, setting a new standard for freehub bodies with the Cognition Freehub Body Gen 2.
  • 50-70 grams
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