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Zipp Decal Set

Are your Zipp wheel decals looking a little worse for wear? Want to spruce them up for next season? Of course you do. Zipp riders are a proud bunch, and rightly so. Your wheel investment with Zipp means you prioritize results and excellence, aerodynamics and engineering. Keep them looking sharp with fresh with genuine Zipp decals.

Each decal kit has seven large and a full assortment of valve-hole decals sufficient to cover one wheel. After peeling off, or safely using acetone to remove old decals, Zipp recommends the following: "Before applying the decals, make sure the rim surface is free of dirt and debris we recommend a gentle wipe with acetone or rubbing alcohol."

For best installation: "Peel the backing sheet from the decal, orientate, position and gently press the decal onto the rim surface. Starting at one end, remove the surface clear cover slip and then work the decal into the dimples using a 3M® squeegee." Here at Excel we have installed many wheel decals, and we follow Zipp's procedure for their wheels with great success. We recommend using photo's or some actual measurements to "orientate". Some installers find using a white grease pencil to mark just outside top/bottom, and left/right edges is helpful, but you have to make sure the marks aren't covered by the adhesive backing. In general, prep and dry-run practice is the key to best results. Enjoy the project, and bring those wheel back to their original visual splendor with fresh Zipp Decals.


  • Set of decals for one Zipp carbon wheel
  • Set contains 7 large decals, and several spoke hole detail decals
  • Available for Zipp 202, 303, 404 and 808 models
  • Please carefully follow all instructions
  • Decal colors: Matte Black, Matte White