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The tire line-up from Zipp has not only grown with options, but has evolved in overall durability and performance, with added tubeless options and now a 40mm gravel option. Designed for matching up with the SRAM XPLR gravel line-up. The G40 XPLR Gravel Tire is a purpose-built tubeless gravel/off pavement tire for smooth control over untamed roads. Grippy for aggressive riding, this tire provides the control and durability demanded by gravel, dirt, rocks, mud, whatever.

The G40 XPLR is a wide (40mm) tire designed for control, which in gravel translates into higher overall speed. In developing this tire, Zipp began with a chevron center-tread pattern for speed which transitions to an inverted soccer cleat design and added XC-style knobs on the edges for the ability to dig in when you need it. Durability and protection without building a truck tire was crucial.

The tire’s casing and bead-to-bead puncture protection strip navigates the fine line between supple and stiff so that grip and performance do not suffer while making an incredibly durable gravel tire. The tire’s 40mm width was carefully selected to be most effective with its tread pattern while also fulfilling riders’ evolving preferences for wider tires for gravel events and off-pavement riding. It’s just what you need for a riding day or event where your tires will need to meet all kinds of challenges- from pavement through silt and sand, up pea gravel and straight into sharp edge rip-rap. It performs exceptionally well with Zipp’s widest and most versatile rim, the XPLR 101 but any 26-30mm external width rim will carry it nicely.

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  • High performance gravel / adventure tubeless ready tire with speed and grip
  • Optimal performing 40mm size when used with Zipp's 101 XPLR rim
  • Fast rolling center section with directional dense chevron center pattern that open to 2x2 smaller diamond transitions on the shoulder curve
  • Aggressive cornering side tread knobs for excellent control
  • 127 tpi casing offers flex and give, more supple ride quality at lower pressures
  • Tubeless Ready (can be used with a tube), and Hookless rim design compatible
  • Aramid puncture protection strip that runs from bead to bead
  • Tan sidewall material increases resistance to sidewall cuts
  • Recommended pressure range: 35-65psi
  • Size: 700x40
  • Color: Black/Tan sidewall
  • Weight: 480 grams (+/- 5g)
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