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Why buy Zipp's UD Carbon headset spacers? Precision is a crucial quality for so many bicycle components. Surfaces must be parallel, with a clean perfect edge. Yet so many riders are loath to buy headset spacers that have the same precision. The proper fitment of spacers with the stem and top cap is essential to the proper bearing compression in modern threadless steerer tubes. Improper sizing and poor fit can also result in the combination getting loose under the constant torque these seemingly simple parts are subjected to.

When Zipp makes wheels and components, every detail, every specification is as close to perfect, and the UD Carbon Spacers no different. Lightweight and precisely parallel, these spacers are precision ground so that surfaces are perfectly parallel to keep your fork secure through every twist, turn and bump in the road. This level of precision keeps you safe and protects the longevity of bearings and other components. While it may seem to sense to save a few dollars when you buy spacers, the reality is the proper use of high quality spacers actually saves you money over time, and help keep you and others safe.

The set contains five UD carbon spacers for 1⅛ steerers: two 4mm, one 8mm, one 12mm, and one 30mm. The Zipp logo is featured on each spacer. If you have been trying to diagnose a headset bearing issue, or are dealing with a tight/loose problem, you can't be definitive without precision spacers. Get them from Zipp, a company you can trust.

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  • Precision ground UD carbon fiber spacer kit
  • Unidirectional carbon fiber creates stiff, strong material
  • Helps ensure parallel surfaces between stem and top cap for even bearing pressure
  • Great upgrade, or in diagnosing "random" headset issues
  • Set includes five spacers: two 4mm, one 8mm, one 12mm, and one 30mm
  • Steerer tube diameter: 1⅛"
  • Finish: UD carbon with Zipp logo
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