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The update Service Course SL-70 is largely the same as the previous version but now features a 3 degree backsweep of the top section for a more natural wrist angle. It is still the bike fitter’s go-to bar. As lever hoods have become longer and flatter, handlebar reach has trended shorter to compensate. The days where every rider used a deep drop and long reach are long past. The short reach to the hoods allows a proper fit without compromising stem length and steering control. 70-78mm of reach has become the default for many fitters, and based on their feedback, as well as pro riders, the Service Course SL-70 carries the desirable features that riders need.

The variable radius drop, matching the carbon SL-70, allows for multiple hand positions when riding in the drops. This provides comfortable hand positions for riders who like to reach down to the drops, as well as for riders who reach in. The bar’s 70mm reach (the horizontal distance from the bar’s stem clamp area to the center of the brake perch) is the shortest of Zipp’s Service Course lineup. Its 128mm drop (vertical distance from bar’s stem clamp area to bottom of drops) places the rider low and in control without compromising comfort.

The SL-70’s round top provides a classic road-bar feel and is clip-on compatible. As for standard road lever set-up, a 10° ramp angle provides a perfect transition from bars to hoods, and the bar is also drilled to accept the Di2® RS910 junction. Now all you need to do is decide what bike to build around this well executed aluminum road handlebar. Okay, kidding, a little. Still, many cyclists know their handlebar choice can truly define their cockpit and comfort level on the bike. Zipp knows this too.

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  • Compact aluminum handlebar with short reach, smart curve
  • Crafted from ultra-strong and lightweight 7050 aluminum.
  • Round top provides a classic road-bar feel with modern set-up
  • Variable radius drop allows for multiple hand positions
  • 10° ramp angle provides a perfect transition from bars to hoods
  • 3° top backsweep
  • Reach: 70mm
  • Drop 128mm
  • Clip-on bar compatible
  • Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Drilled to accept the Di2 RS910 junction
  • Sizes: 38, 40, 42, 44 cm (center to center)
  • Finish: Matte Black (nano blast aluminum, 2020> gray graphics)
  • Weight: 252 grams (42cm)
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