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The advantage Zipp has being part of SRAM's stable of component brands is that the companies share design and development technologies. With their new SL Speed components, Zipp has been able to tap into SRAM's Exogram™ carbon construction technology to full effect and the incredible new SL Speed Stem proudly reaps the benefits. The form, the structure, the stiffness, and the light weight all combine to result in a stunning stem. Making a lightweight stem isn't a huge challenge with materials and knowledge available today, but making a carbon stem that is not only light, but has wonderful torsional stiffness and precision construction, yet isn't a huge block of carbon, is not that simple. At just 123 grams for a 100mm length, the SL Speed Stem carries a hollow design and slim, slight hexagonal shape that produces a stunning effect.

SRAM Red fans riders will recognize Exogram™ technology from the incredibly light and stiff cranksets that powerfully drive the Red system. Exogram™ optimizes UD carbon construction through specified lay-ups and shapes that minimize material use, yet result in strong, stiff, and light shapes. The precision of the technology ensures perfectly aligned pieces, so the stem body and stem clamp align fully. For the stem and steerer clamping bolts, Zipp uses the ultra-precise, and almost impossible to strip, Torx® T25 bolts in an M5 size that is pretty much industry standard for stems. Torx ®bolt heads are very durable, and when used with a torque wrench, provide more accurate torque application than standard hex bolt. The bolts themselves are titanium, which is not only light, but won't easily corrode. The overall effect is joy and ultimate confidence that the stem and hardware will be 100% reliable. You may laugh, but how many cyclists have installed a high-end stem and thought "did I just strip that" or "that didn't feel quite right when I tightened it down?" You won't have that experience with Zipp's components.

As far as fit and options, Zipp has chosen the +/- 6 (84/96°) standard. The stack height is pretty standard at 41mm, and the stem clamp interface is a perfect 50mm across the front. The SL Speed Stem is available in a 1⅛ steerer clamp diameter, and 31.8mm handlebar diameter. All bolts are rated to 6Nm max torque, and use of a torque wrench is not only recommended, but highly recommended. Anyone buying and installing a $265 stem should understand the value of this. This is carbon stem that has been engineered to exacting standards, passing all of Zipp's industry leading strength and stiffness to weight standards. Zipp rates the SL Speed Stem for road, cyclocross, and gravel road use with no reservations and there is no rider weight restriction. The matte UD finish and subtle Zipp graphics perfectly complement the shape of the stem, and convey speed and strength. We are wholly impressed with this carbon stem from Zipp, and we expect you will be as well.

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  • Lightweight, torsionally stiff carbon stem ideal for road, cross, gravel road use
  • Uses SRAM's Exogram™ technology for high strength at low weight
  • Aluminum bar clamp face design features precision with perfect alignment, stiffness
  • Clamp piece machined from resilient, strong 6061 aluminum
  • M5 Titanium bolts with the ultra-precise Torx® T25 tool interface
  • Bolt torque max: 6Nm
  • Handlebar clamp width: 50mm max
  • Steerer clamp diameter: 1⅛
  • Steerer clamp stack height: 41mm
  • Handlebar diameter: 31.8mm
  • Angle: +/-6, 84/96°
  • Lengths: 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130 mm
  • Color: Matte Black (2020 stealth gloss decals)
  • Weight: 123 grams (100mm)
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