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ENVE 1.0 Road Fork

Sub 300 gram forks aren't new. A decade ago several companies offered such featherweight options. Why is Enve's 1.0 carbon fork different? First and foremost, it delivers incredible stiffness and torsional strength compared to comparably weighted forks. Second, even heavier or aggressive riders can expect serious performance. With the aforementioned other forks, an aggressive corner or hard out of the saddle effort would usually result in fork leg deflection and some serious brake rub. This was particulalry noticeable as wheels such as the Mavic Ksyrium and Fulcrum Racing achieved exceptional lateral stiffness. The forks couldn't match the requirements of such wheels. Riders as light as 140lbs would come into our showroom with complaints and questions. Rider confidence in fork performance is crucial to racing, descending and sprinting. Enve's 1.0 Fork delivers the best combination of precision, performance, and light weight we have ever seen.

The carbon fiber masters at Enve use a carbon lay-up process that runs unidirectional carbon fiber from the top of the fork to the bottom, and instead of drilling a brake hole, the engineers use a molded process, similar to the one used for spoke holes in Enve's rims. This keeps all fibers intact. The fork is a hollow one-piece design that delivers incredible lateral stiffness and torsional strength, yet rides so smoothly you will have unerring confidence in the handling and predictability of your front end. To keep the weight under 300 grams, the engineer's simply use less material than in the stiffer, heavier 2.0 version.

Enve does not rate these forks by rider weight, but our recommendation is that riders over 185lbs who want an optimally performing stiff fork will prefer the 2.0. That said we have many serious, 185lb+ riders who log high miles at enjoyable paces who love the 1.0 for it's snappy feel. Most of these riders run handbuilt wheels, and ride safely downhill, so the ultimate in lateral stiffness isn't a requirement. It is important to match your equipment to your desires and requirements. It is not as if the 2.0, at under 350 grams, is heavy. The Enve 1.0 Fork is a refined, light, and performance fork. You will get consistent feel and performance, a smooth ride, and true confidence when you ride.


  • Lightweight, optimally balanced quick-release type road fork for new build or upgrade
  • 100% molded carbon fiber, hollow one-piece construction
  • Beautiful UD Carbon finish with Enve graphics
  • Carbon steerer expanding plug for headset compression/adjustment included
  • Steerer length: 300mm
  • Rake option: 43mm
  • Steerer tube diameter: 1 1/8th
  • Tire clearance: up to 700x28
  • Weight: 295 grams (uncut steerer)
  • Made in USA


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