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Lezyne 11-Speed Chain Drive Tool

As you would expect from any Lezyne product, the 11-Speed Chain Drive Tool is well designed and super durable to hold up to any amount of shop abuse. The chain tool features a CNC'd steel body that has sculpted contours to ergonomically fit your hands during use. The rolled threads of the tools spin effortlessly with driving a chain pin. At the end of the pin driver is an adjustable chain pin peening tool required for Campagnolo 11 speed chain assembly. At the ends of both chain driver and chain peening tool handles are small rubber ends which keep the handles in place and add some extra grip.

The top of the main handle sports 2 Mavic splined (3.22 road/3.45 MTB) and two standard (squared) spoke wrench. Included with the Chain Drive are a driver pin driver removal tool and one extra driver pin.


  • Hardened Steel, CNC construction
  • Smart chain peening tool design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Includes extra driver pin and driver pin tool
  • Spoke wrench built into the body
  • Top quality shop grade construction
  • 106 grams
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Item #: 528545
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