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TrainingPeaks 12 Month Premium Athlete Subscription

TrainingPeaks is the world's most complete endurance training software. View useful metrics and trends so you can achieve your personal best using the raw data from your devices and training. The principles of science and physiology are enabled throughout TrainingPeaks, which has helped cyclists, triathletes and runners at all competitive levels.

TrainingPeaks is compatible with over 100 different training devices to allow you to make the most of each and every training session. Since 1999, athletes of all ages have used TrainingPeaks to win the world's best events including the Tour de France and the Ironman World Championship. Age groupers and serious athletes around the world trust TrainingPeaks to track, analyze and plan for results.

The Premium subscription provides enhanced analysis of workouts, meals and metrics allowing you to perform extensive analysis of your device data. Plan your workouts and sync the calendar to iCal, Outlook, Google etc plus you can schedule future exercise and meals. Key metrics can be tracked on a performance management chart and data uploaded from workout devices can be edited. You can manually highlight and mark workout segments. A Virtual Coach makes suggestions based on goals and experience and you can build an Annual Training Plan.


  • World's most complete endurance training software
  • Track TSS/IF and visualize your fitness with the Performance Manager
  • Record useful metrics and trends like weight, soreness and sleep
  • Based on principles of science and physiology
  • Compatible with over 100 different training devices
  • Communicate with a coach for even more refined training

To learn more, visit the TrainingPeaks.com Athlete Edition page

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