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DT Swiss 180 Carbon Ceramic Rear Hub


When the 180 Carbon Ceramic rolled out into the market, DT Swiss released the lightest and most advanced hub of any manufacturer to date. Beyond being light, it is durable as well as light. This is all accomplished through thoughtful engineering and super tight tolerances.

When the 180 rear hub was first being developed the DT engineers looked at every viable option to lighten the product without compromising strength. They started with the general 240S design in the hub and replaced the body with UD carbon and trimmed excess weight from the flanges. The freehub was completely re-designed with extra machining inside to reduce and non-essential material. Visible machining also occurs on the splines of the freehub body with reliefs carved out of the center of the splines. An oversize 15mm axle is fitted with high quality ceramic bearings to complete the package. The end result is a rear hub that weighs in at a scant 183 grams.

The 180 Carbon Ceramic is completely serviceable without the need of any tools. We recommend DT Ratchet Grease for servicing due to the perfect blend of viscosity and glide required for the hub. Chose form 28 or 32 hole drillings.


  • 7000 series heat treated flanges
  • UD carbon shell
  • 15mm aluminum axle
  • Heavily machined and anodized alloy freehub body
  • Fully serviceable without tools
  • DT Swiss Star Ratchet system
  • 183 grams
  • Made in Switzerland

These 180 Carbon Ceramic rear hubs features the latest freehub body design which accepts 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed Shimano and SRAM cassettes.

Reg Price $825.00


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