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BarFly 2.0 Garmin Mount

The Bar Fly 2.0 places the Garmin Computer screen inline, out front, and level with the handlebar/stem for the best viewing with an improved, more aerodynamic, low profile. A clever new Dual Mounting Position optimizes the position of the Garmin whether you are using the Garmin 200/500 or larger 510/800/810. There is also a more positive click on the 2.0.

A single bolt, Full Wrap Clamp is easy to install without removing the handlebar tape. The Full Wrap Clamp means your valuable Garmin will never "fall off" even without the bolt over the roughest terrain. Garmin computers are made of Plastic and so is the Bar Fly with the Barfly being made of the highest quality Delrin. The Plastic on Plastic design preserves the clamp interface on the Garmin. There is also a virtual zero risk of over-tightening making the mount very carbon handlebar safe.

BarFly takes aesthetic and function one step further with a slick platform for Shimano Di2 3/5 port junction or Campagnolo EPS electronic shifting modules on the underside of the 2.0 with a couple zip ties and a small piece of double sided tape for the cleanest possible cockpit. There are also plans in the works for an integrated safety light to be released summer 2013.


  • New design with a lower more aerodynamic profile
  • Dual positions optimized for Garmin Edge 200/500 and 510/800/810
  • Positive engagement with a click
  • Integration with Shimano Di2 and Campagnolo EPS modules
  • Full wrap clamp will never fall off
  • 22 grams
Item #: 430002