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Avid 2013 XX Disc Brake 160mm HSX

Simply put, the XX disc brakes are the cross-country racer's dream brake. We have been riding these brakes for a while and found the stopping performance and brake feel is nothing short of outstanding thanks to Deep Stroke Modulation. Power Reserve Geometry means tired hands are a thing of the past even on all-day rides. Reliability has been excellent thanks to an improved forged aluminum caliper.

The brake lever bodies are constructed from magnesium while the brake lever blade is carbon fiber. TaperBore Technology integrates the reservoir and master cylinder to create a super-sleek lever design.

The included 160mm Avid HSX rotor has an alloy spider in the center that has a drilled steel rotor attached to it. This design helps lighten the load, dissipate heat and add stiffness from torsional flex. Also includes hardware package, IS to post adapter, standard and Matchmaker X clamp.


  • 290 grams
  • Carbon fiber lever
  • 2 piston forged aluminum caliper
  • Obsidian black finish
  • Ambidextrous mount
Reg Price $370.00
Item #: 203402 Weight: 290g