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Zipp 202 Firecrest Clincher Rear Wheel

At just 765 grams for the rear and 1380 for the pair, the new 202 Firecrest® carbon clincher is the lightest entry in the Firecrest Carbon Clincher lineup. But it's much more than just a climbing wheel. Yes, it feels virtually weightless when you get out of the saddle to climb but it carries speed like a deep section wheel. Wind tunnel test testing shows the 202 Firecrest out performs many 46 to 66mm sectioned competitors. And the 202 Firecrest Carbon Clincher is compatible with cassettes of up to 11-speed to work with all modern drivetrains.

Zipp knows that with climbing comes descending and the 202 is designed to be superlative at both. The 202 is engineered to be both stiff and bombproof using a unique resin based on materials used in motorsports braking systems that is incredibly strong as well as able to withstand the heat buildup that comes with extended braking. A wide 25.4 rim width provides better tire support for improved handling and ride quality. Zipp's engineers spent a lot of time on the rim shape so the 202 can support a variety of tire widths - so throw your 28mm tires on for that gravel-sectioned road race.

Anyone leery of riding in heavy crosswinds will be happy to know the 202 has the most neutral center of pressure of the wheels in Zipp's line up. It has the least side force from wind induced steering torque. In the wind tunnel, the 202 Firecrest Clincher produced less wind induced steering torque than a 13mm box section tubular from 20 years ago. Basically, the 202 Firecrest is virtually immune to crosswinds.

The new wheels retain all the small details that make Zipp wheels so sought after. Exposed spoke nipples sit in the aerodynamic shadow of the rims, keeping serviceability simple without compromising speed. And Zipp's signature ABLC™ rim dimples squeeze every last second of performance possible. New for 2014, the 202 Firecrest Carbon Clincher is built with a the latest iteration of the 188 rear hub, the V9, along with new spoke-lacing pattern for the rear wheel - refinements that result in improved stiffness and durability. The new hub was developed in cooperation of superstar sprinter Mark Cavendish of the Omega Pharma - Quick-Step Cycling Team.


  • 765 grams
  • New Zipp black 188 V9 hub
  • Rim depth 32mm, width 25.4mm
  • Valve extender, brake pads and skewer included
  • 24 CX-Ray stainless steel black ovalized spokes
  • Compatible with cassettes of up to 11-speed

The Zipp 202 Firecrest Carbon Clincher has a 250 pound rider weight limit and a 125psi tire pressure limit

Item #: 066317

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