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Stans NoTubes 25mm Rim Tape

Stans NoTubes 25mm Rim Tape

The 25mm rim strip roll from Stan's NoTubes is the widest they make. It fits all wider mountain style rims but is also popular with folks looking for full bead-bead coverage on standard mountain rims. If you decide to run the 25mm on XC/All Mountain rims like the Crest, Arch or similar rim types, some slight trimming may be required. The tape will cover the spoke holes and eyelets on any mountain rim to provide proper sealing if you plan on running a tubeless set up. The tape also doubles as a standard rim strip. The tape roll is 10 yards long which is ample for a 2 pair of wheels and 25mm in width. One side is semi-adhesive and has some stretch to it. The material is quite robust and should give you any issues during install and when in use.


    • 25mm width
    • 10 yards
    • Durable and easy to install
    • Same tape that is included with Stan's tubeless systems
    • Weights approx 7 grams per rim
    • Enough tape for 2+ pair of wheels
    • Shop's width choice for tubeless mountain rims
    • Slight trimming may be required when used with narrower MTB rims
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