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Sportful 2nd Skin X-Lite Short Sleeve Base Layer

This pro-level mesh base layer was developed in conjunction with Team Tinkoff-SaxoBank. The body of the 2nd Skin X-Lite has an open mesh weave that is constructed from polypropylene. Sportful uses polypro because it is hydrophilic (water absorbing) and quickly transports sweat and vapor away from your skin. Beyond this, it is also one of the quickest drying textiles produced. What you end up with is a material that transfers perspiration away from your skin and holds it until it rapidly dries. Add a wide open mesh vent construction and you get a perfect summer base layer design.

The main complaint we hear about summer base layers is that they are simply too hot. Sportful's open mesh design provides unparalleled ventilation and air flow. It manages to do what a base layer should do without increasing your body temp. Arm sleeves, collar and waist are all properly finished with a flat stitch and elastic, so the garment will not bunch up or gather underneath your cycling apparel. Describe the 2nd Skin X-Lite in a word? Brilliant.


  • Polyproleyne textile
  • Open mesh construction
  • Finished collar, sleeves and waist
  • Most vented base layer we sell
  • Used by Team Tinkoff-SaxoBank
Reg Price $49.99


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