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Lezyne 3-Way Wrench

All 3-way wrenches were not all created equal. The Lezyne 3-way feature a serviceable body. Meaning, you can take the main body apart and replace the three wrench extensions when they are worn from use. The tool includes one set of extra wrench extensions which are all made of hardened steel with a chrome vanadium treatment for added toughness. The CNC'd steel center of the tool is super smooth and polished which feels great in your hand.

The 3 way wrench is probably the most widely used tool on the bench or in the tool box. If you don't mind spending a little extra money to get the best, then this is the premier version of the 3-way tool. Availible in 3 versions to choose from: Small Hex (2mm-2.5mm-3mm), Standard Hex (4mm-5mm-6mm) and the ever popular Torx (T10-T25-T30).


  • CNC'd and Polished center
  • Chrome Vanadium replaceable bits
  • 3 extra bits included
  • Best 3-way produced
  • Choose your size
Reg Price $19.99


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