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DT Swiss 36 Tooth Star Ratchet Upgrade Kit

The DT Swiss Star Ratchet Kit includes two 36t ratchet wheels to replace the factory-stock 18t ratchet wheels. The pitch of the teeth are decreased from 20° to only 10°. What this equates to is faster and more stable engagement on any DT Swiss 190 Ceramic, 240S and 440 freehubs. They will also upgrade pre-built DT Swiss RR, XR and FR series wheelsets.

Installation is a breeze and is a quick way of making a great hub even better. DT Swiss ratchet grease is recommended for the procedure.


  • Set of two ratchets
  • 14 grams
  • Made in Switzerland
  • $87.50
    Reg Price $97.25
    Item #: 569415
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